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Before we discovered WPML, we couldn’t translate right away, and it took too long. The frustration was horrible. The difference with WPML is on-the-spot translation without any delays. The moment when I realized WPML was actually working to solve our problem was when I saw how fast it goes now compared to our regular translation period. Life is so much better now that our problem is solved.

Martin Vermeer
مايو 15, 2023

Before using WPML, developing a multilingual WordPress site was complicated and time-consuming. It was frustrating to continually find areas of the site that could not be easily translated. However, with WPML, everything has changed. I can now create a multilingual site in just a few hours and manage translations with language translation collaborators easily and intuitively. I realized that WPML would have radically changed the way we worked with multilingual sites 8 years ago when I was looking for a solution to a complex project that had to handle many languages. Thanks to WPML, the kind of service I can now offer is much faster and more comprehensive.

Emanuele Ricci
Emanuele Ricci
مارس 23, 2023

Before WPML, it felt like a gamble whether we could find a good copywriter in the right language or not. Sometimes it worked out, but other times it led to more time being needed to fix issues than what we started with. This could be incredibly frustrating, especially when even simple tasks couldn’t be completed. WPML changed our whole setup in a positive way that we didn’t think was possible before. Instead of countless hours spent solving obstacles, we now have a really smooth ride for all our sites. WPML is truly a champ. You can trust that you’ll have your hands free to focus on more constructive challenges, rather than endless translation requirements that don’t meet the mark. It felt like a new beginning when we realized that WPML works like a lucky charm.

Stefan Persson

مارس 9, 2023

I was looking for a 100% reliable translation plugin. I tried several solutions before WPML but I didn’t find any of them to be satisfactory. WPML is the only solution with which I could configure all the translation options I needed. Now it is the only plugin I use for my multilanguage projects.

Marketing Médicos

فبراير 10, 2023

I had trouble finding a simple solution to translate my website. After trying all other solutions, they have proven to be extremely time-consuming to set up. Then, I discovered WPML and it turned out to be very easy to set up. WPML means more visitors and satisfied customers on my site. I was so glad to finally see my website in more languages.

Michael Luron
ديسمبر 5, 2022

Before switching to WPML my sites had SEO problems, the support I was getting was bad, and there was no documentation. Now, I have been using WPML for 6 years, and the plugin and support are amazing. I felt the difference literally 2 days after switching to WPML and the whole translation workflow is much better!

Alexandros Kontinopoulos
نوفمبر 28, 2022

I was looking for a translation plugin for a very long time and in 2015 I found WPML. Before using WPML, it was so hard to translate all the pages, menus, etc. It is the most complete translation plugin I have ever used. I have been using WPML for 7 years now and this is the best translation plugin I have ever seen.

نوفمبر 3, 2022

I wanted to translate my websites and wasn’t able to do this the way I wanted. I was very disappointed that I was not able to find a solution. All this changed when I found WPML. It is very practical and easy to use and I was really happy to know that I can have one site in 10 languages and it still works correctly. I feel relieved!

أكتوبر 18, 2022

Before WPML, the worst part was having to go through the whole manual process of uploading and requesting translations. Now, it’s so easy to submit and manage our translations. WPML simply takes away the manual process. I realized what the difference of using WPML is when we had to translate our whole new website which we did before via Google Docs. Now it’s all copy-paste free. 🙂

E-commerce Manager
أغسطس 11, 2022

At WP Rocket, we are working to make the web faster. Translating our site content into more languages allows us to take one more step towards improving the user experience. And for this, we have been relying on WPML for years now. We like to translate our content manually thanks to native speakers but for the rest, WPML makes the publishing process a breeze. WPML works seamlessly with the Gutenberg block editor, allowing us to translate reusable blocks and localize our landing pages in just 2 clicks. Easy peasy!

Agathe Medvedieff
يونيو 14, 2022

Our customers often request a translation of their website. With WordPress and WPML this is possible with just a few clicks. A pure HTML website is difficult to translate. Each element also needs to be customized on the other website. WPML is straightforward to use and works flawlessly with WordPress. We have been translating websites with WPML for a long time. There is no way around WPML. Thanks to WPML, we can offer an international website to any customer who needs multilingualism.

Vincent Rammelt
يونيو 7, 2022

In the past, I had problems translating the strings and other translation plugins are mostly not compatible with WordPress themes. I was also stuck with translation plugins that restrict your capacity to create multilingual, responsive WordPress sites. This all changed after switching to WPML. I love its usability and easy setup as well as its useful dashboard that has everything you need to translate. And you don’t even need to translate it yourself, WPML can automatically translate your content for you. When I discovered WPML, I literally translated everything on my website. Before using WPML, it was a pain to have to access the code to translate complex things. Without WPML, it took me weeks to accomplish the translation. It now takes seconds to complete the task.

مايو 23, 2022

I knew about WPML since 2012, or so. Every time a client needs to translate their website, the “manual” road is a bit difficult. However, with WPML, everything works like a charm. WordPress is a bit complicated, but with your plugin, everything is working fine. What makes it different than other multilingual plugins is its adaptability. Years ago, when a multi-national client was looking to translate her very big Press website to Spanish, Portuguese and French, was when I realized how useful WPML is. The market already offers a variety of products and services, but I found the best option through WPML. The main criteria for selection were: A) Implement a simple website translation solution that does not affect both the structure and the performance of the translated website. B)Way to translate both simple pages and posts, as well as WooCommerce products or other more complex implementations. C) Simple interface, easy to manage, both by me and by the client. D) An established company with years of experience. E) Solid support for solving any difficult situation (we were all there once). F) Adaptability. After years of experience in all things WordPress, I can say that I have found WPML to be a reliable partner for translating websites, both personal and those of my clients. Moreover, it offers the possibility of an automatic translation of the website content. From experience, I suggest selecting the DeepL engine for automatic translation with WPML. There would be more to add, but the essential word of this review is: Perfect.

WordPress Developer
أبريل 29, 2022

First, I tried many other translating plugins without satisfying results. I wasted a lot of time. Then, after getting WPML, its professional tools and user-friendly plugin saved me time and I was able to translate my site in no time. After a couple of hours, I had my site completely translated. I was also very satisfied with the quality of automatic translations and had only a few corrections to make. Saving time is crucial these days. Now I can focus on many other important aspects of my website. All my translations are done automatically.

Karel Noppe
أبريل 7, 2022

I had trouble finding a simple solution for translating my website. All other solutions proved to be really time-consuming. Then, I found WPML and it was really smooth and simple to set up. It was really great to see my website displayed in more languages. Ultimately, using WPML means more happy visitors and customers.

Johan Anders Sunnanängs
JSDigital AB
مارس 15, 2022

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