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Past Talks

Markus & Michael
team behind Avada

How to create the number 1 best selling WordPress theme

“People just want a product that is reliable that they get used to and where they know this product is going to stay and get better for years.” This is the secret behind Avada’s success, according to its chief marketing officer, Michael, and chief te…

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Brian Jackson
Chief Marketing Officer at Kinsta

How to become one of the most popular blogs on WordPress

“One of the best ways to increase sales is by creating a popular blog. But not only do you need to attract traffic to your blog, but you also need to make sure it will increase your conversions.” So how do you create a blog with exciting content that…

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Vito Peleg
Founder of WP FeedBack

How to promote your business at WordCamp and WordPress Meetups

Thousands of people attend WordCamps and WordPress Meetups each year with the aim of networking and promoting themselves and their business. But what is the best way to actually do this? We spoke to Vito Peleg who has successfully used WordCamps and…

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Andy Adams
Founder of Certainly

How to set the right rates as a WordPress freelancer

Have you just started out as a freelancer? You’ll want to check out our WordPress Marketing podcast episode with freelance expert Andy Adams. Learn how to maximize your freelance earnings by listening to our podcast. Andy explains to us: How to win c…

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