WPML 1.7.0 represents a whole new approach to multilingual WordPress sites. Any theme or plugin that uses WordPress correctly becomes multilingual out-of-the-box.

Want a fully multilingual theme?

Remember that 1300 words tutorial about how to create multilingual themes? It’s history. Your theme is now multilingual without any edits.

We’ve tested WPML 1.7.0 on many themes, including popular free themes like Atahualpa and Arras and lots of premium themes from WooThemes and StudioPress and it just works. The little magic switch is located in WPML->Languages and looks like this:

Control for making themes multilingual

When set, WPML automatically turns the theme into multilingual. This feature will be disabled for existing sites and enabled for new sites. If you’re upgrading and want it enabled, you need to put WPML into Advanced mode, go to WPML->Languages and look under More options.

More language switcher controls

Multilingual sites need to allow visitors to choose their language. WPML included a drop-down language switcher from day one and we’re constantly improving it and making it more flexible. Now, it also has a kid brother.

We’ve added an optional footer language switcher, which produces a list of languages at the bottom of your site. The controls are located in WPML->Languages under Language switcher options.

Language switcher with footer option

This new language switcher is controlled from WPML’s admin, so you don’t need to hack any CSS, PHP or HTML to make it look right.

You can choose one of the lovely predefined color schemes or create your own.

Where next?

We’d love to take a long break in a tropical escape, but that’s not what we’re planning now 🙂

Instead, we’re back to work on WPML.

WPML’s magic auto-multilingual still misses two important features:

  • Home page link is not adjusted (but there’s a workaround).
  • No easy way to translate texts you enter in the theme’s admin, like footer text, ads, etc.

If all goes well, these features should go into WPML 1.7.1.

Let us know how it’s working for you

We love getting your feedback. That’s what makes WPML grow and improve.

If it’s working for you, drop a note here. You’re also welcome to add your site to our showcase.

For reporting problems, the best way it to open new threads in the forum. And, of course, don’t forget to rate WPML in the WordPress download page.

16 Responses to “WPML 1.7.0 – Everything is Multilingual”

  1. Aaaggh, just wanted to let you and everyone to know: I tested WPML 1.7.0 in WordPress 2.9.1 with Atahualpa 3.4.5 theme, everything worked perfectly!

    I found only one thing: When these both strings: « and » displayed in the textbox that needed to translate, they automatically translated become the real character (which they should be in the original string).

    Last but not least, I have just sent you the Indonesian translation file for WPML that I generated directly from WPML 1.7.0. This WPML is really helpful to generate the .mo file. Please add it to the next release of WPML. I have tested it also by changing the admin language in wp-admin, and it worked perfectly, too.

    Thanks so much for this wonderful plugin. I decided want to send you donate for it.

  2. Hi Amir

    this is great news!! I have downloaded the new version and giving it a try. Once I work on it for a while I will let you know of the details.

    Meanwhile, I wanted your assistance on how I can translate a theme which does not seem to be WPML. .PO, .MO ready! 🙁 The one I am talking about is “Streamline” from Studiopress. The only 2 string showing up are “Read more” and “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria”

    I tried to go through the guidelines on how to mark the source files – text… but I think it is getting out of my hands! 🙁

    Any suggestions on this? Do you provide support on this? Do you have the .po files from the templates? How does this work exactly?

    For Woothemes, everything went as described! It was amazing how quick I translated the theme! 🙂

    Many thanks and CONGRATULATIONS! Your contribution in the wordpress community is priceless!

    • I think that not all StudioPress’ themes are localization-ready. It’s probably the case for Streamline. We have a license for all their themes and can join in the forum, so if you talk with Brian and he’s interested, we can help as well.

      We’re currently working with several major theme designers and would love to work with StudioPress as well.

  3. Thanks for the update.

    I did the automatic update as with previous new releases of WPML as soon as they are available. I thought it broke my site’s multilingual feature since all the non-default language features were disappear somehow. Panic! A bit, yes. Then I tried to deactivate and re-activate the plugins. Lo, behold, the new WPML brings my bilingual blog to life again…

    What an experience…

    Thank you for this great plugins! Looking forward to 1.7.1 with that “easy way to translate texts you enter in the theme’s admin”.

    • Scary experience. People often complain about unexpected functionality with WP auto-upgrade. The thing is, because the auto-upgrade includes browser side sequencing, anything can go wrong.

      What I do is for our own sites is:
      1) Do a database backup.
      2) Manually download all updated plugins.
      3) Manually deactivate and activate them again.

      It takes me 2 more minutes, but I know that I have full backup, can always go back and that I did the upgrade procedure fully. For plugins, such as WPML, which include their own tables and almost always include some data migration step, I think that’s the way to go.

      Of course, the automatic upgrade normally works, but at least you’re not stuck if it doesn’t.

  4. Hi! Please help!

    First of all, I’ve never seen the famous “Language switcher options” – neither in 1.6.0 nor in 1.7.0. Where is it??

    Second, I, out of curiosity, clicked “Back to Basic mode” and now I’m getting only empty WPML pages in the admin panel. How do I get back to normal?

    And BTW, how about translating SEO “Home Title” in the new version of WPML? Still no go?

    Using WP 2.9.1.


  5. Hey Amir,
    I have a quick question:
    “Does WPML support a mutli-permalink scheme.”
    One for each language?
    This would greatly improve seo on every site using wpml.


    • I’m afraid that this kind of feature would be very difficult to create. WPML relies on the URL to determine the language and if the URL schemes change per language it would be difficult to do.