When you click on Home you want to get to the home page in the language you’re browsing. WPML 1.7.1 now makes this happens as it automatically adjusts the home page link to the correct language.

Before this version, you either had to edit your theme and use WPML’s API function to get to the correct home URL, or it just went to the default language. Now, WPML does this for you.

For 99% of WordPress themes (the ones that use WP calls to get the home URL and don’t just send you to ‘/’), WPML now adjusts the home-page URL according to the current language.

Language switcher upgrades

The language switcher got two handy additions in this release:

  1. The widget can display as a drop-down list or as an open list of languages.
  2. WPML can display a title for the widget (Languages).

We found that these two additions make WPML’s language switcher display better for some themes, where the drop-down menu doesn’t fit in.

Other changes this release

There aren’t any major new bells and whistles, just a lot of work under the surface.

We’ve fixed about a dozen bugs such as galleries getting images from the wrong page, sub-pages not displaying correctly (in some configurations) and WPMU issues. You can see the full list in WPML’s change log.

We’ve also added WPML’s .po file to the locale directory so if you want to translate WPML itself to a different language, feel free to use that file.

6 Responses to “WPML 1.7.1 Auto Adjusts Home-Page Links”

  1. Hello, I’ve just installed this plugin on WordPress 2.9.2, using it with the default template. I’ve noticed two small bugs :

    – In the admin part, “Language switcher style”, “Drop-down menu” is always checked even if I have chosen “List of languages”

    – If “Show post translation links” – “Yes” checkbox is not checked, I have “This post is also available in: Anglais” written at the bottom of my pages (pages not posts, I’m working only with pages for the moment)
    If I check the “Yes” checkbox, then “This post is also available in: Anglais” is displayed twice ?!

    I’m just starting with WordPress so I don’t understand all the code for the moment, and can’t help more with providing a coded solution. I hope these bugs will be corrected soon because the second bug is annoying from my point of view, this plugin is exactly what I’m looking for as language manager for WordPress.
    Thanks in advance !

  2. I tried to install wpml on my website, and all runs except the home page button. the message “Not found” ever apears on my home page.
    i tried a lot of things, but I don’t understand where is the problem