There was a bug in WPML 1.7.8 which caused a Javascript problem on some browsers (preventing WP admin from working correctly). It’s fixed in WPML Thanks to everyone who reported the details!

WPML 1.7.8 is out with two major additions for using WordPress as CMS. It includes full multilingual support for the new custom post types and also offers commercial support for developers.

Translation for Custom Types

When you define a new custom, you choose if it needs multilingual support. If you’ve enabled multilingual support, the translation controls will be part of the edit screen.

As custom types are a bit beyond the basics, you need to enable WPML’s Advanced mode for all of this.

Then, go to WPML->Translation sync and scroll to the bottom. You will see something like this:

Translation controls for a custom type

If you choose Translate, this custom type will have all the normal translation controls, just like standard posts and pages.

Also, WPML hooks to the WordPress API calls and will filter items of that custom type according to language.

If you’ve selected Do nothing, items of that custom type will not have any language associated with them. When you query these items, they would return from any language.

There’s no right or wrong. What you choose depends on what you need.

Commercial Support for Developers

As WordPress grows complex, giving technical support is becoming a real challenge. With close to 2000 downloads each week, the forum support isn’t enough.

Professional web developers, using WordPress and WPML as their tools, need timely and reliable support.

WPML now includes a new Support section. You can find it under the WPML menu. From there, you can get direct support from WPML’s developers.

With a commercial support subscription you can create support tickets right from within WordPress. WPML developers will respond in 24 hours or less. Normally, much less.

Support tickets from within WordPress

If you’re building commercial sites, a commercial support subscription is essential. You’ll be able to get the job done faster and better. Not only will you get fast results, but you’ll get them directly from the experts.

A commercial support subscription costs $50/year for one site or $200/year for all your sites. To purchase, go to WPML->Support and choose the subscription that you prefer.

Next Up – Multilingual Menus

The next major feature for WPML is multilingual support for the new, shiny, WordPress menu system. I’ll write about it when we have something to show.

33 Responses to “WPML 1.7.8 – Custom Types and Commercial Support”

    • Can you provide a bit more information?

      Also, if things are completely broken, the first thing to check would be the PHP memory limit.

  1. well it broke for me too.
    I guess it’s a javascript problem.
    when I go to the string translation page, I can’t click in the translations.
    I have firebug on and this is the error firebug show’s me:

    unterminated string literal [Break on this error] jQuery(‘.wrap’).prepend(‘\n admin….lations (line 38)

    icl_ajxloaderimg_src is not defined [Break on this error] var icl_ajxloaderimg = ”; script…r=1.7.8 (line 51)

    icl_ajx_url is not defined [Break on this error] url: icl_ajx_url,icl-tr…ver=0.1 (line 128)

    and also in some other pages. I guess you can check it out using firefox latest version with firebug 🙂

  2. Tried to install WPML 1.7.8 on WP 3.0 but got a message like “Youre not authorized to access this page”. Couldnt access the admin-page at all. Deleted plugin manually from file-folder Plugins. Then I could access again. Tried again – same result.

      • I´ve used it before, but this time I installed it under a complete fresh installation of WP 3.0. Today I tried again but with the same message.

  3. omg, I pressed the “upgrade” accidentally and now the admin panel was screw up too.

    i installed the fluency admin and now the flyout menu disappeared… what should i do now????

  4. oh noes, just f*ked up 7 client sites with automatic upgrade cycle 🙁 haven’t happened to me since wp 1.*

  5. your last update sucks!! have a lot of bug of problems!! they crash all the pop up windows, and all dropdown menus of wordpress!!!

  6. yup. broke my admin too but doing the upgrade fixes it.

    looks like this plugin gets updated daily now 😀 lol

  7. does not work for me. It’s a new install of the plugin on WP 2.9.2. When I activate the plugin the entire WP admin stops responding. I don’t know how to give you the correct feedback, please let me know what I can do.

  8. Bit scary that update! =) Glad to see a fix out this quickly, though I find it a little odd that such an obvious issue was not caught before release.

    Regardless, you guys are doing an outstanding job keeping up with the pace of WP development. Custom post types will be huge, I’m very glad to see it in WPML’s scope already.

    • I have no idea how that bug slipped in. It didn’t happen for everyone and depends on Windows, JS and the browser. This is why we didn’t notice it in our testing.

      We tested WPML before releasing, had a release candidate and no one saw that. Of course, out of about 5,000 sites running WPML today, all browser configurations are going to be covered.

  9. After update to i lose ?lang=sr, second language extension, at home button. My primary English home link is index.php and secondary should be index.php?lang=sr but in the main manu it is just index.php. All other links and pages are good? Any suggestion? I delete it and made it again (translation of home page) but my navigation home button didn`t change url it is still index.php.

  10. Hi – I had a problem that looked like a memory leak problem. The problem appeared when posting/updating a post, after quite some loading, it ended up with the “memory exceeded limit”-error. The reason I’m think memory leak, is that the problem exists both on 32MB limit web host and 64 MB limit web host.

    I upgraded (not sure from which version, sorry), and it seems like it is gone. Is this the JS-problem you mention?

    Thank you so much for a really great plugin!

    Best regards – Svend K

    • The JavaScript problem caused all AJAX operations to fail. It was a missing characters in a line that did it.

      This is unrelated to memory leaks.

      If there’s a memory leak problem, it’s outside of the scope of both WPML and WordPress and has to do with PHP / MySQL. The code that PHP executes doesn’t do the memory management. Memory management is done at much lower levels.

      PHP memory allocation may increase gradually, until all the code is loaded into memory. Then, it stops increasing.

      I think that 64MB for a site with WP3, WPML and a couple of other plugins is not enough memory.

  11. just upgrade, by mistake, to v. It screw up my english pages. The defoult language is rom. What should I do? I try to change the sitepress.class.php and it give me the error: “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/clubmetro/www/www/WP/wp-content/plugins/sitepress-multilingual-cms/sitepress.class.php on line 1229”

  12. line 1229:

    echo icl_js_escape(sprintf(__(“WPML can’t run normally. There is an installation or server configuration problem. %sShow details%s”,’sitepress’),
    ‘, ‘‘));

  13. I am using wpml 1.7.8 and cannot see your option in Translation sync.
    Please tell me how to display it or how to translate my custom menu?

    Thank you.