If you’re running a blog farm and wanted to use WPML, you now can. This release fixes a few problems which prevented WPML from running MultiSite with WordPress 3.0.

MultiSite Support

MultiSite Support boils down to sitewide activation. Until now it just didn’t work, producing all sorts of errors. As of WPML 1.7.9, sitewide activation works just fine, so you can power a multilingual blog-farm with WPML.

WPML now also scans plugins in the MU plugins directory for texts to translate.

Theme Localization for Sites With no English

If your site has a default language other than English, it was pretty much impossible to use WPML’s theme localization. WPML assumed that the theme’s texts were in the default language of your site.

On the surface, this makes sense, but since almost all themes are written originally in English, it was a mistake.

It’s fixed now. You can have a site in any language(s) and still translate the theme from English.

Celebrity Bugs

We’ve fixed a fair number of bugs in this release. Many of them are very rarely noticed but some are more ‘popular’. Here they are:

  • Pagination for custom types didn’t work.
  • Search returned everything in all languages.
  • Thickbox popups were broken.
  • post_parent function with auto ID adjustment was broken.

Next Up – Multilingual Menus

We’ve been planning to add multilingual menu support for a few weeks now, but it kept getting pushed back. No more. This release of WPML closes the bugs that we know of and we’re finally back on track.

We hope to have WPML 1.8.0 with multilingual WordPress menus in about 3 weeks from now. Hang in there, it’s not so long!

11 Responses to “WPML 1.7.9 – WordPress Multisite and Bug Fixes”

  1. Dear Amir:

    Congratulations !

    How long will take the fix or new version of Buddypress Multilingual Plugin to work with WP 3 ? Long wait without notice about this specific.


  2. How do we install WPML 1.7.9 in order to use the “Multi-Site” functionality? I try to put it in the normal plugins folder (not mu-plugins) and ‘network activate’ it but I get all sorts of errors, which I posted on a previous entry for the1.7.9 RC1 and in the forums.

    Do we need to instead put this in the mu-plugins folder?

    • You can place it in the plugins folder and either activate it individually for each blog or ‘network activate’ it. Can you submit a ticket with the detail you’re getting and I’ll look into it? Thanks.

      • Hi Mihai,

        I don’t have the support package yet…but I have detailed what is exactly happening on my install here on your forums:


        I can’t really justify spending the money on a support package if I can’t even get the first step working on the install. I am definitely interested in supporting this plugin, but I want to know that at least the basic setup works before I go ahead and do that.


  3. Hello. I was expecting to see an updated version for BuddyPress 1.2.x I’m developing new projects and I really need 1.2 support of the plugin. Thanks.