WPML 1.8.2 addresses small bugs and improves the professional translation process.

This is a no thrills update. There are no huge new features and no immediate impact on existing sites. If you’re building themes and had to work around small bugs, you’ll enjoy seeing that they’ve been resolved.

The major improvement in this release is a big usability improvement for folks using WPML’s professional translation (that little thing that keeps WPML live and kicking).

WPML 1.8.2 makes it easier to order professional translation for your sites. We’ve removed the question marks from the translation process, making it more transparent and obvious.

The Big Picture – How WPML’s Pro Translation Works

Many folks told us that they’re happy with our translation, but have had their doubts before starting out. The main questions were:

  • Who will translate?
  • How much does it cost?
  • How long does it take?
  • Who’s responsible for the translation?

We tried our best to address these questions with WPML 1.8.2.

On every step along the way, WPML provides information about the translation process.

The short answer is that WPML can put you in contact with professional translators from ICanLocalize. Clients choose their own translators and negotiate the rate directly with the translator. Cost usually depends on the required fields of expertise and the language pair.

As much as we like to keep a fixed rate for translation between any language pair, it just doesn’t work. Cost of living in Scandinavia is way higher than in Latin America (for example). Professional translators simply must ask for different rates. If we insist on fixed payment, we either overcharge for many languages or scare away top translators in more expensive countries. We let translators and clients negotiate payment directly.

Most translators can do about 1000-1500 words per day. When interviewing translators, it’s a good idea to discuss when the translator can get started and how long it’s going to take.

And, clients can choose whoever translator they want from ICanLocalize’s pool. They’re all good translators and we guarantee their work.

Cost Estimate

Professional translation controls

Cost estimate for new projects was a bit broken in WPML 1.8.1. It was mainly a cosmetic thing, but we assume that before you send documents to translation, you’d like to know how much it’s going to cost.

It’s fixed now.

To produce the cost calculation, WPML counts the number of words in the document. Then, it multiplies by the per-word rate.

Before you choose a translator, WPML assumes that the cost of translation is 0.07 USD / word.

Once you’ve chosen your translator, WPML will use the actual quote to calculate the cost of the translation.

Interviewing Translators

When you click on Get Spanish translators (or any other language), you will see translators from ICanLocalize.

The big news, when interviewing translators, is that you will now see translators according to their fields of expertise. If your site is about education, or finance or marketing, you’ll find qualified translators in your field.

Sending and Receiving Translations

Use can and documents for translation from either the edit pages, or from WPML->Professional translation.

If you want to send one document at a time, the edit page makes it more convenient. Once you’ve chosen translators, you can use the Professional translation box to send the document for translation.

When you want to send a batch of documents for translation, the Translation Dashboard is the tool to use. You’ll see all untranslated documents and can send them all together.

Completed translations land right back in WordPress. You’ll get a notification email telling you that translation is complete. The translated documents appear back in WordPress, ready for publishing.