WPML 2.0 came with big changes everywhere in the plugin. We’ve spent the last week dealing with issues and fixing bugs and are now ready with WPML 2.0.1.

There isn’t one single new feature in version 2.0.1. It’s all dedicated to fixing bugs and smoothing out corners.

The major issues fixed:

  • Added ab option to set the status of documents, after they complete translation. Now, you can set them as published or drafts for review.
  • Fixed language parameter being added to the url twice in some permalink configurations.
  • Removed non-page items from CMS navigation.
  • Admin text translations now support more complex configurations (e.g., Thesis theme).
  • Fixed missing taxonomies fields on the translation editor.
  • Fixed HTML encoding for displaying original elements in the translation editor.
  • Fixed encoded & signs in post url and infinite loop for short urls in other languages than the default.
  • Added progress of languages where translators were not selected yet.
  • Rearranged the display filter in the translation dashboard so that it takes less space and less clicks to operate (thanks to Richard)
  • Fixed bug preventing WPML localization to work before the step 2 of the WPML setup wizard.
  • Listing translators from ICanLocalize  to the translators list on the dashboard.
  • icl_ajax_url defined correctly for SSL.

Many thanks to everyone who reported these problems and for the patience working through them with us!

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