After almost 2 months of hard work, WPML 2.1.0 is ready. This is the first commercial release, so it’s only available from WPML.org.

Almost everything new in WPML 2.1.0 is under the hood. In this release, we concentrated on improving security, stability and performance.

What’s new in WPML 2.1.0

Split into 5 plugins
We recognized that WPML is becoming too big for its own good. Hardly anyone uses all of WPML’s features, but everyone had to pay in memory consumption complexity. WPML now consists of 5 plugins: core and 4 add-ons. You can use any of the add-ons to achieve the right blend of features that you need.
Memory consumption went down by up to 50%
If you’re running a simple multilingual blog on a shared server, you may be very interested in memory consumption. WPML core takes about half the memory of the big WPML before.
SQL queries reduced by up to 90%
The new WPML only hits the database once and then it caches data. It also pre-fetches language data. As a result, it hits the DB about 10% of what the previous versions did. Again, if you’re running on a shared host, you’ll immediately feel the difference.
Hundreds of bugs fixed
Some were pretty serious things and some cosmetic. The end-result is that you can now WPML with WP_DEBUG and you see no errors, warnings or notices. But more importantly, the new WPML keeps your database intact. Some of the bugs that we fixed lead to errors that creep into the DB. Sometimes, a category gets the wrong language, sometimes a post and sometimes a comment. Over time, this can accumulate to a serious mess. It’s all fixed now.
Security holes closed
We audited WPML for security and found several holes that needed closing. We’re not going to detail what they are (for the benefit of folks who are not updating), but it’s important to realize that security auditing and fixes are a natural part of every product and we’re taking it very seriously.

To get the new version, you’ll need to buy WPML. With any purchase, you also get a year of premium support, which you can later renew before the year elapses for 50%. Anyone who previously purchased our support subscriptions doesn’t need to pay again within the first year of support.

What Next?

Now that we’ve stabilized and optimized the code, we’re looking forward to the next features to add to WPML.

As I wrote before, we’re very interested in making WPML 100% compatible with other popular and important plugins. This includes caching plugins, SEO, contact forms and e-commerce. We’re already talking with other authors working out how to do it best.

For WPML itself, we’re thinking about several additions.

Language-role management for users

Until now, there’s no way to restrict users from being able to edit in certain languages. Even if you use a dedicated Role Management plugin, that plugin is not going to help, as it has no notion of language.

We can add a way for site Admins to restrict access for specific users to specific languages.

Gallery and Slideshow

Right now, WordPress galleries and slideshows don’t fully run multilingual. They somewhat work, but have links pointing back to the original language. We want to address this.

Author Profiles

Another popular request has always been to provide translation for author profiles. Right now, there’s just no way to enter author information per language.


The Links section is not translatable. When you add a link, there’s no way to tell WordPress to link somewhere else in a different language.

If you already purchased the commercial version of WPML, or are planning to purchase, leave a comment, letting us know which features interest you the most. We’re eventually going to add all of them (and it’s not going to take that long), but we want to know what’s best to start with.

You probably know that when you purchase, you also get support and upgrades for a year, so if you buy now, you’ll be getting all these new features, and more, without spending any more money.

23 Responses to “WPML 2.1.0”

  1. To me, language role management sounds extremely tricky compared to the small payoff. Has a lot of people actually requested this feature? This feature seems so foreign to me (pun not intended, if that was a pun, I can’t tell) that I can’t really think of a practical use case. I only see it as an unnecessary layer of micro management.

    Improved translations of galleries = Awesome.

    (Author) Profile translations = Awesome. Do note that there are a couple popular plugins out there worth noting, like the author-info-widget.

    Blogroll translation = Pretty cool feature, but lower priority imo.

    • Thanks Erlend,

      That’s exactly why we’re asking, to know what matters most to people.

      Over time, we heard requests for all 4 features. It’s difficult for us to know what matters to many and what’s the result of a few noisy users.

  2. I’m having trouble purchasing the upgrade. I’m logged in, and when I click on the download button for the main plugin, I get this message : «You cannot purchase this product – choose the right product».

    • Thanks for spotting this. We’re fixing the purchase process for forum users.

      In the meanwhile, you can still get to the correct purchase URL. Log in to your WPML account. Then, go to the public purchase page:

    • No. All future WPML versions will be from this site.

      We’ll keep issuing critical security updates on wp.org, so that sites that choose not have security vulnerabilities due to WPML. These updates will not include the new functionality, bug fixes and performance enhancements but only fixes for critical security problems.

  3. Quick post to let you know that that I have successfully completed the purchase and upgrade. Here are couple of things I’m very happy with :

    1) The split into separate plugins : Since I won’t be using translation services ( I do all the work myself or with the help of one other person who has the save admin privileges as myself), my screen is now less cluttered.

    2) How fast it is! Considering the relatively low trafic I was getting, there’s no need for site caching anymore.

    Merci Amir!

  4. Me and my friends from my university, are gonna publish a page for collecting donations for poor peoples all over the word. This is a volunteer action and supported from the university too (Ondokuz Mayis University). I’m gonna prepaire a web page to this organisation as a volunteer. I want to publish our page in multiple languages, but I’m sad about this plug-in is commercial 🙁 Can you help our volunteer organisation, by giving this plug-in free? I can publish a link or banner in my personal page and my friends personal pages.

  5. Hi, Just purchased wpml, not tested yet but why does the download page mention “works for 2.9”

    I’m sure WPM is WP 3.0.4 + compatible but just checking for the sake of it!!

    • That text is hard-coded somewhere in our system. I’ll see if it gives the wrong version.

      WPML is tested up to WordPress 3.1 (the current RC).

      Just to make sure, to download, you’re going to your WPML account, logging in and clicking on ‘Downloads’. You’re not supposed to download it from wp.org, as you’ll only find the older versions there.

      And, thanks for buying!

  6. Another question : I’m already using navigation with wpml

    what should I do to upgrade : deactivate wmpl and reactivate new wpml , wpml nav after ?


    • Yes. You should deactivate the old WPML.

      Then, download WPML, WPML CMS Nav and any other component that you need. You can activate them all together by choosing the checkboxes and choosing to activate.

      If you need more technical help, the best place for it is in the forum. Both myself and the developers are monitoring it and responding to every thread.

  7. Hi,

    I was wondering if the option to have a page with all the languages merged together was possible in the commercial version? I can’t seem to find this option in the free one.

    Even though this plugin YD WPML Switcher does it (well kinda), it doesn’t really answer my need.

    For certain pages/categories, I want to be able to see all posts under all the languages.


    • This is implemented for blog posts only and not for pages. Also, it only works for the regular posts loop. To enable it, go to WPML->Languages.

      • What does this mean…”it only works for the regular posts loop”? I have a site with different pages that display different post categories (e.g. press releases, news, etc) and I want them to display in the default language if they’re not translated. I can’t get my alternate language to display any of the posts in the default language.

        Seems like a fundamental feature that should be there. I just purchased this new commercial version to get support and solve this issue…but so far, it seems my money was wasted.

  8. Now that WPML is a paid extension, will we (as paying curstomers) still be able to update it the same way we did before, through WP’s auto-update system? Or will we need to FTP new files when 2.1.1 comes out?

    • Yes, WPML updates will come via the standard WordPress plugins update. It looks and work the same as for any other plugin and internally loads the updated code from our server instead of wp.org. For this to work, you need to enter your subscription key in WPML->Support.

      You can still update manually via FTP, but it’s not required.