This version of WPML includes fixes for several bugs and improves functionality for both the Multilingual Blog and Multilingual CMS packages.

This is a recommended upgrade for all users. There are no database changes.

Here are the changes in this release:

Multilingual BlogNo option to make custom post types multilingualNow, when you go to WPML->Translation options, you’ll see a list of custom types and custom taxonomy. There, you can choose which ones to turn multilingual.
“WPML” is displayed at the footer of pagesThis happened due to a PHP bug, in conjunction with enabling the message to show ‘this post is also available in…’ message.
WPML (both versions)Cannot activate with Headway themeHeadway theme imports some posts when activated. This triggered a bug in WPML, which only showed up on this scenario. We believe that this fix will solve other cases too which are generally reported as ‘cannot activate plugin’.
Cannot activate if plugins folder is a soft-linkWhen the plugins folder was not a physical folder but a soft link, WPML failed to activate. This is due to inconsistent use of WordPress path constants.
Language-hiding didn’t functionWhen you went to WPML->Languages->Hide languages, it didn’t work for visitors, but only for admins.
Broken category URLs in WP 3.1WPML includes the code to display the category URLs correctly, but it wasn’t running because it didn’t recognize the WP 3.1 release candidates correctly.
Language switcher widget not set from Languages screenThere is a control for placing the language widget in WPML->Languages but it wasn’t working.
String TranslationAdmin texts in language configuration file not translatableIf you created a language configuration file for translating Admin texts, WPML was not cleaning up string history, potentially blocking new strings from being registered for translation.
Translation ManagementJobs can remain in stuck state if sending to incorrect translatorsIf you accidentally tried to assign documents to translation to the wrong translators, these jobs may remain in half-sent state, without being able to cancel and resend to the right translator.

Features for the next release

In the next release, we’re going to see if it’s possible to fully support the Gallery and Slideshow shorttags. Also, we’ll see if we can turn author profiles into multilingual (e.g., show the posts for each author in a specific language).

Besides these, the next release will focus on improving the usability of the Translation Management module. When you build a site, you hardly feel the need for it. However, content managers who are responsible for the translation workflow use this module as their main tool.

The usability changes to this module come from feedback that we receive from end-users. I’ll write more about it when we have something to show.

Other things we’re working on

When the next WPML version comes out, it should already support multilingual e-commerce via the Shopp plugin. If you’re interested in Shopp Multilingual, it’s now open for registration for beta testers.

We’re working with other e-commerce plugins to make WPML play nice with them too. It’s not a trivial task, but it’s worth every minute spent. We’re also igniting back the work on our BuddyPress Multilingual plugin.

How to get WPML 2.1.1

Registered WPML users can upgrade directly from the WordPress Admin dashboard by visiting the Plugins page. Make sure that you’ve entered your WPML key into the WPML->Support page.

If you’re still using the older, free, version from wordpress.org, now would be a great time to upgrade. Go to the purchase page and check which version of WPML is right for you.

7 Responses to “WPML 2.1.1”

  1. If we’re to use WPML for client sites, could I ask that the WPML Key in the WordPress Dashboard be replaced by dots, as is the case for all password fields? I don’t want clients to use my key… make sense?

  2. Also, is it just me of the WPML Extensions only show compatibility for 3.0.4, and so does WPML 2.1.1 …?

  3. hi is possible than something don’t works good with Breadcrumb NavXT? I’ve updated to the WP 3.1 in two web sites and in one all goes well, in the other one that i’ve got also WPML the plug-in stops to work.