We’re ready with another release of WPML, all dedicated to bug-crushing.

This time, there are no new features at all. However, we did manage to trace and fix several annoying bugs which have been around for a long time. Most issues revolve around categories, tags and custom taxonomy.

Most users would not be aware of these bugs. They are more likely to cause issues when you’re editing hierarchical taxonomies and adding translations to taxonomy in non-default languages (e.g., edit translated taxonomy and add translation to it).

Since the taxonomy system in WordPress is pretty complex, we decided to push out these changes instead of waiting for a later release. Having a mess in your taxonomy is not helpful for any site.

To get this update, go to your WPML account, click on Downloads and scroll all the way to the bottom. It’s the latest Beta. This file is a ZIP that contains all of WPML’s components. You may want to update all of them, as changes are in several places.

We’re going to release this version on Monday (we never send updates just before the weekend). If you’re experiencing any trouble with translation for categories, tags or other taxonomy, please let us know in the forum.

BTW, this release will also include localization for WPML into Russian, Korean, Polish, Greek and Swedish. This Beta includes translations in-progress. By Monday, all translations will also be complete and updated.

5 Responses to “WPML 2.3.3 Beta 2”

  1. Is the issue with the tags or labels are fixed in this version?

    I had a site with several updates of this plugin, and now, when I edit a property post (woothemes Estate) all the tags are show like numbers… in the back, and the front.


    • We get many questions and reports and we try to handle all. I suggest that you wait until the next beta version (will be out today), try it and see if it solves your issues. If anything remains, open a thread in our forum and explain it in a way that we can reproduce.

  2. I thought there was real-time sync of custom fields between languages?
    At the moment this part unfortunately doesn’t work for me.
    In the meantime, media duplication is very useful…