There’s a nagging bug in WPML 2.4.2, which drove us half crazy too. It’s fixed now and you can get the updated version in WPML 2.4.3 Beta 3.

The bug caused the permalinks preview box to display incorrect URLs in certain cases. It’s a long story, full of drama and boring SQL. The bottom line is, that if you’re seeing incorrect URLs in the permalinks preview, when editing posts, this beta should solve it for you.

It’s not a critical bug. This error is only in the preview. The actual page URLs are fine. However, if you click on that ‘view post’ button, you’ll get to a 404 page, since the preview URL is not correct. The actual pages display normally when you navigate to their correct URLs.

How to download

To download this fix, log in to your WPML account. Go to Downloads, scroll all the way to the bottom and download the recent beta version. The beta version is a ZIP that contains other ZIPs. Unzip it locally and upload the WPML components that you’re using.

When’s the final 2.4.3 release?

We have a few more really minor bugs to clean and then we’ll release WPML 2.4.3. Besides this glitch, 2.4.3 fixes a number of other issues, which are less obvious. This permalink preview thing is very noticeable and disturbs many of you, so we released this version today.

Let us know

If you’re still seeing anything wrote, please report in the forum. Sorry for all the trouble and thanks for your patience!