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WPML 2.6.4 is ready. It includes a few last fixes for WordPress 3.5 issues and long-awaited support for multilingual Disqus comments.

The Disqus support has no GUI and nothing to configure. If you use the recent version of the Disqus WordPress plugin and update to WPML 2.6.4, things should ‘just work’.

You will see the comments section localized to the page language. This integration was made possible through the cooperation with Disqus developers, who added the needed filters, allowing WPML to set the current language.

Other changes in this version revolve around small bug fixes.

WPML 2.6.4 fixes the language switcher for product pages on some e-commerce sites, archive page slug translation, default Chinese locale, Finnish locale for WordPress core translation, and some robustness improvements for our language configuration files.

Next Up

We’ve seen some issue with menu synchronization. If you’re translating menus manually, this doesn’t effect you, but if you’re synchronizing menus with WPML, you might see cases where menu items don’t go into the correct location.

This is a super-complicated algorithm and we’re going to spend some time making it more agile. The next release will include a rewrite for some of the menu insertion code.

After this, we’re back to more great features for WPML. We already have a full list of new features that come next and I’ll write more about them as we get started.

Get WPML 2.6.4

You’ll find this new version in your account page. As before, we encourage you to get automated updates by using our Installer plugin.

12 Responses to “WPML 2.6.4 adds Disqus Support and Bug Fixes”

  1. Hi,
    thanks for this new release.
    – any chance to order languages for language switcher dropdown in next version ?
    – create duplicate function for woocommerce category same as product (duplicate title, thumbail & description ?)

  2. Good to see a new release.

    And… Could be one of those features to come, the one for showing the default language code in permalinks? crossing fingers

    • Including the default language in the URL has been on our todo list for a while. We have other (nice) planned features for the next release, but we should be able to add that after.

    • I’m glad to hear it’s helping you. Both us and Disqus developers spent a lot of effort on this and it’s great to hear that it’s useful.

  3. Great news! I really look forward to the new version. But can you please tell me how to participate in the developement of BPML? I can not use my WPML without it as my site is build around BuddyPress… And the second great feature would be better options to filter languages. So that I can display more than one language at a time 🙂