Remember we wrote about WooCommerce Multilingual 3.3 beta? Well, it’s released now and available for everyone.

WCML 3.3 comes with great new features, as well as stability and performance improvements. Some of the new features rely on WPML 3.1.5, so before you upgrade WCML, be sure to upgrade WPML and its addons.

Ready? Let’s talk about the new features!

Better Multi-Currency Admin Reports

Previous versions already allowed to sell products in different currencies. WCML 3.3 also makes it easier to receive sales reports, per currency.

Sales by product
Sales by product

Automatic Currency Conversion

If you have a ton of products, entering their separate pricing, per currency, might be difficult. To help, WCML 3.3 lets you apply automatic currency conversions, complete with rounding and auto-subtract.

Rounding rules in WooCommerce multilingual 3.3
Rounding rules in WooCommerce multilingual 3.3

Currency Switcher GUI

Including a currency switcher in your site doesn’t get any easier than this. Go to the Widgets admin and drag the new ‘currency switcher’ widget.

Currency switcher widget
Currency switcher widget

More Stable and Faster

This release also comes with considerable performance improvements and better stability. Overall, we’ve stripped a good number of queries and functions from both the WordPress admin and front-end products display.

How to Update

This update is available on the WordPress.org WCML download page.

Remember to update WPML to 3.1.5 (or later). Then, click on Upgrade to receive this update too.

Questions? Ideas? Suggestions? Let us know and we’ll get back to you.