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WPML 3.3.7 is a maintenance update, which handles all required updates for the last few weeks. Since WordPress 4.5 is coming soon, you should definitely update to WPML 3.3.7 and be prepared.

The full list of changes appears in WPML 3.3.7 beta announcement. Since the announcement, we completed our internal QA (yes, it takes that long) and corrected a number of additional glitches.

We are currently running WPML 3.3.7 on our sites.

Coming soon to WPML

You’re probably aware of other development work that we’re doing, so let me give a quick update on the progress.

The next release of WPML will include a complete redesign for much of the user interface. This change will give the biggest improvements to the Translation Editor. If you are using WooCommerce Multilingual, you will see the entire change. We’ve re-engineered the translation workflow for WooCommerce products, making it a lot easier for you to run multilingual e-commerce shops. Even without WooCommerce Multilingual, you will notice a streamlined translation process in WPML.

Also coming to WPML 3.4 is complete compatibility with PHP7. You may have heard that PHP7 gets to x3 faster than PHP 5.6. We’re looking forward to updating our own servers to PHP 7 and enjoying this boost in performance. Remember that all the plugins that you use need to be compatible with PHP 7 before you upgrade.

And that’s not all. Other major features in WPML’s pipe include a much enhanced language switcher, with many more options and full compatibility with modern CSS frameworks. We’re completing the taxonomy terms translation and translation for links in custom fields and strings.

To get you new features faster, we’re separating them into different releases. WPML 3.4 will include the updated UI (both in WPML and in WooCommerce Multilingual). The other new features will follow in the next version(s).

Download and give us feedback

First, remember to backup your site before updating. We backup our site and test updates before we update ANYTHING (any plugin, the theme or WordPress). This release of WPML has gone through weeks of testing by dozens of people, but it’s still nicer to find glitches on a test site and not on a production server.

Then, update all of WPML components. There is dependency between WPML core and its add-ons. If you update one, update all.

The best way to update WPML is from the WordPress admin. Register your site (you can register all your sites, we don’t limit) to get automated updates. Alternatively, you can always download WPML manually from your account.

Leave your comments to give us your feedback, ask questions or make suggestions. We’ll get back to you.

14 Responses to “WPML 3.3.7 Released – WordPress 4.5 Compatible, Faster, More Stable”

  1. Hello,

    I updated WPML to the newest version and it screwed up everything.
    Well, when I mean everything, I actually mean the flags disapeared in the main menu, even in other langages.
    And I don’t remember changing anything on the website…
    So, is there something I should do to fix it ? Or is this a problem with your 3.3.7 version ?

    • From your description, I can’t understand exactly what the problem is. Can you please open a support thread in our technical forum and explain what you are seeing? If you include screenshots of the problem pages, we will be able to help a lot better. You can add another comment here with the link to the support thread, so I can follow up on it.

      Right now, WPML 3.3.7 is running on about 12K websites, including our own. We cannot see the problem you’re describing, so I’m suspecting that it’s something else that we’ll need to debug for your site.

  2. Any idea when you might have a hotfix for the current issues regarding static home pages with language as parameter? While the update looks promising on many fronts, having to revert to a directory redirect isn’t viable for most production sites.

    This issue has come up before, at least as far back as this past December, and it’s a serious problem.

  3. I had the site crashing twice after this update.
    the only way out was to restore a full site backup.

    here is what when wrong:
    I run an English and Hebrew site with WPML and Toolset, on AVADA.

    after update of WPML, the Hebrew homepage static page ( didn’t upload. instead it uploads the recent post archive. that is event if I set WP again to load a static page and not the blog archive.

    I restored a backup and all is well.

    currently this is — attached — the only stable version of WPML/Toolset I can run:

    • This should not happen. One of our 2nd tier supporters will be in touch very shortly to get information about your site and see what’s happening.

    • We need about 1-2 more weeks to close development and then 3 weeks for QA. So, I’d say, WPML 3.4 (and the corresponding WooCommerce Multilingual) will be released close to the end of May. We’ll try to be ready earlier, but it’s not going to be later than May.

  4. After the update I can’t activate ‘WPML Multilingual CMS’ anymore.
    It results in the following error:

    Fatal error: Class ‘WPML_WPDB_User’ not found in / on line 3

    I also tried a manual reinstall but that didn’t help either