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We just released WPML 4.0 with major updates to Translation Management and Media Translation. There’s a new Advanced Translation Editor and even more.

You can see all the videos and details in the beta announcement.

New Documentation for WPML 4.0

Together with this release, we’ve also published documentation for the new features in WPML 4.0:

The Full Changelogs

This release not only comes with major new functionality but also includes many stability improvements. Follow the links to the different WPML components to see the full list of changes.

How to Update

First, please remember that this is a major update of WPML which includes a lot of changes. We highly recommend making backup of your site before updating WordPress, plugins and the theme. This release is already running on, but it’s always a good idea to back-up before updating.

You will receive automatic updates via WordPress for all registered sites. To update manually, log-in to your WPML account, go to Downloads and get the new version from there.

Next for WPML

With WordPress 5.0 approaching, we’re going to make a number of updates for Gutenberg. These include under-the-hood changes for the new editing window, as well as updates to the Translation Editor to support Gutenberg content. WPML 4.1 will include a list of other improvements and new features, but I’ll write about them separately, so that we don’t go off topic from today’s news.

BTW, We’re Hiring

If you have a ton of experience building WordPress sites and managing developers, we have a job for you.


How do you like the new features in WPML 4.0? Leave your comments and we’ll get back to you.

29 Responses to “WPML 4.0 Released”

    • Please go to Plugins->Add new and switch to the Commercial tab. If you can update to the new version by using this screen, then feel free to do so. In case of any issues, please contact our support help.

  1. Hi,

    the 4.0.0 update broke my WP installation. I needed to go back to last commit to revert changes made by your update.

    I cannot give you a detailed error description. Sorry for that. I was only interested to get the page working proper again…

    I CAN say the error was in the app.js.

    My installation is at version 4.9.6.

    Let me know if you have further questions.


    • Hello Martin
      You say that the error was related to app.js?
      Do you have any more information about this?
      We have several files with that name in WPML Translation Management and each of them does a different function as part of a different method in that plugin.

      If you wish to pursue further this case, it would be very nice if you can open a new ticket in our support forum, so that our support specialists can take it and help you and trace the issue.

      • I searched my search history.

        I must have used a browser in which I purged every history / cache multiple times in order to see a clear picture of the state of my website (is it working or not).

        So I cannot recall which app.js I was referring to (it was a long path)…

        So sorry. I assumed this naming was unique…

        Our page is up and running by the way. I just rolled back to latest commit.

        So no help needed here.

        I just wanted you to know…

        I wait now until the compatibility information for WP 4.9.6 shows “100%” instead of “unknown” and try again…

        If the error occurs again, I will document everything (call stack etc.)…


      • Had a last idea. FOUND IT:


          • I see.

            Don’t know what I could do (except gambling with my production environment – which I don’t like to do) as I don’t have a test server…

            I guess I try to update again as soon as you deliver the next version / update.

          • Sorry. Just noticed your second email. I will provide you with a copy of our page…

  2. This Update + the latest Version of Permalink Manager Pro kills WordPress. You cant add any New Post or Page because complete Editor still not Work. If i disable the Permalink Manager it Work if i enable the Permalink Manager and disable WMPL it work but not together.

    • Thanks for letting us know. We’ll check what got broken in compatibility between WPML ST and the Permalink Manager Pro. If our compatibility team isn’t familiar wiht this plugin, someone from our side will email you to get more details.

    • In my case WPML update triggered Internal Server Error:
      Request exceeded the limit of 10 internal redirects due to probable configuration error. Use 'LimitInternalRecursion' to increase the limit if necessary. Use 'LogLevel debug' to get a backtrace.
      What happened is in .htaccess file root path – / – got replaced with secondary language folder, in my case – /lt/.

      Fixed by resaving Permalink settings.

  3. So not the WPML 4.0 is the Problem it is the String Translation Plugin Update that breaks WP when Permalink Manager Pro is enable too..

    • Hi, Amit here from the WPML compatibility team, since this plugin was not tested by us I’d like to please ask you to open a ticket in our support forum with all the details so I can take it from there.

      All you need to do is head here:, open a ticket (please add as many details as you can including admin access if possible).

      Once the ticket is created, please paste here its link and I will make sure it’s escalated directly to a compatibility developer for debugging and fix.


    • We have also reached out the author and asked him to join our Go Global program for WPML Compatibility, if you can do the same that will be great,


  4. Hi!
    Our site does not work properly in IE after the update. There is a problem in ../dist/js/browser-redirect/app.js which says “Symbol is not defined”, referring to this.

    Since Symbol is not supported by IE, is it a decision you have made not to support IE anymore? Since a very large scale of our users use IE, what do you suggest we do? Revert to an earlier version or is there a fix for this coming?

    Thank you!


    • We didn’t make any decision to stop support IE browser. What you’re reporting sounds like a bug to me. Can you please report it in our technical support forum and add a link to this here? We’d need to see your site, so we can open the JS console and check what’s wrong. Once we see what’s wrong, we can have a solution.

      BTW, our own site ( is running the same version. Do you see this JS error when you visit our site?

  5. Hi, well a great work for this update, why dont let the Advanced Translation Editor as a part benefits of wpml users? As of today, the classic translation editor should be to abandon and replaced by newer one.

  6. Dear WPML support,

    are there any additional problems too with the update to 4.x ?

    I have 500 Internal Server Errors at my website, since update to latest releases, at pages which are in development/draft as well with pages which have no translation

    Theme in use is Avada, which should be 100% compatible with WPML

    I use also Hide my WP plugin, which was working together before 100% too – i have already contacted them and they found until know nothing


    • Sorry for the late reply to your question. It’s a comparison on their site, showing their product as best. Kinda expected considering it’s not exactly an unbiased comparison.

      When you compare the performance of different plugins, you should compare apples to apples. WPML includes a lot of functionality. A lot of it is intended to make themes and plugins work multilingual and allow you to translate everything. I don’t know if TranslatePress has any of this functionality and what they enabled on their evaluation.

      • I understand that WPML is the most feature rich but it would be better to give us an option for simple sites with the speed comparable to competitors.
        Just enabling WPML make the site very slow, but Polylang does not as mush as WPML which is comparable in term of functionality.
        So isn’t there ways to make WPML faster if we don’t need much functions?
        (I know disabling auto register make WPML faster but not enough)

        • WPML has options that other plugins don’t have. These options make sites run multilingual correctly, without having to modify the theme or plugins.

          Especially, WPML can adjust the IDs of elements on the page to load in the right language. This feature will hook to WordPress queries and modify them dynamically to load the correct elements in the displayed language. This feature is unique to WPML.

          It takes both CPU and DB resources. If your theme already loads to correct elements per language, there’s no need to enable it.

          You can read about it here: