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WPML 4.5 development continues with a second beta released today. This beta clears up some issues in the first beta and sets the stage for the production release and price increase, both planned for September.

We have been working hard on WPML 4.5, which includes several major new features, including Translate Everything. Translate Everything allows you to translate all of your site’s content automatically as you create it. You can then review the translations on the front-end before publishing.

See how it works in the following video:

Get an overview of what else is coming in WPML 4.5 in our first beta announcement.

This second beta includes many more features for WPML 4.5, as well as some fixes for issues present in the first version (such as inconsistent translation statuses). We’re aiming to have the production version ready for September.

Update: WPML 4.5 Beta 2.1

On Friday, August 27th, we released beta version 2.1. This version solves some performance issues reported by clients using beta version 2.0. Thank you to our clients who reported this in our support forum!

Lock In Your Pricing Before WPML 4.5

Prices will increase once the WPML 4.5 production version comes out in September, but there’s still time to take advantage of the current prices before this happens!

If you’re not a WPML client yet, we recommend that you buy WPML before the price goes up. Purchasing now also locks in a discounted renewal rate for as long as you continue renew on time.

If your account has expired, you can renew your account at your previous discounted rate to access updates and support. However, if you wait until after the 4.5 production release, you will need to purchase a new WPML account.

Renewing an expired WPML account

There’s no price increase for existing clients, including your yearly renewals. Make sure that your account doesn’t expire so that you don’t lose the old pricing. If you don’t see a reminder to set up auto-renewals in your account, it means you’re already set up!

Nothing changes for lifetime accounts.

Here’s a reminder of what the price increase means for you.

Help Us Test the WPML 4.5 Beta 2

Please help us test this beta on fresh development sites (we never recommend running a beta version on a production site).

To download this beta, go to your Downloads page and switch to the Beta channel. You only need to download the WPML core plugin because you’ll be prompted to install String Translation as part of the setup wizard.

Switching to the Beta channel

If your site uses WooCommerce, please be sure to update your WooCommerce Multilingual plugin to version 4.11.6 or later. See more on how to check for WPML updates.

How to Get 30,000 Free Automatic Translation Credits for Testing

To get 30,000 free automatic translation credits for testing, be sure to click Get a key for this site on the Register WPML step of the setup wizard. This passes an extra parameter to tell WPML you’re testing the WPML 4.5 Beta.

Registering your site with WPML

What do you think?

Leave your feedback in the comments below and let us know how it works on your test sites!

How can we make WPML better for you?

Share your thoughts and comments about our plugin, documentation, or videos by booking a Zoom call with Agnes, our Client Advocate. Your feedback matters and helps us improve.

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34 Responses to “WPML 4.5 Beta 2 – “Translate Everything” and Price Increase On Track for September”

  1. Hi, Will WCML 4.12 will be release in the same time?
    This is the most anticipated version as it will finally be compatible with WP Rocket cache plugin. Waiting for years…

  2. Hi, which translation service will get used? Can I choose e.g. Deepl? And can I use my own Deppl account? Which leads to the question: how will pricing work?

    • Hi Martin – WPML uses Google Translate by default, so if you want to use DeepL from the start, choose the Translate Some translation mode (instead of Translate Everything), and switch your translation engine by going to WPMLTranslation Management and clicking the Automatic Translation tab. See our documentation about changing translation engines. Once you’ve enabled DeepL, change your translation mode to Translate Everything in WPMLSettings, and all your content will be automatically translated using DeepL.

      As far as pricing for automatic translation goes, currently, you can only create an automatic translation account to pay-as-you-go – you only based on what you used over the previous month. When the 4.5 production release is out, you will also be able to purchase pre-paid packages of credits through your WPML account.

  3. The frontend preview is pretty nice. It’s just sad to have to use the backend interface for the manual translation updates.
    As said a long time ago, it would be a big time/energy saver to be able to directly edit translations on the frontend.
    Until you decide to go that way (I hope) it could be useful to have the ability to open the preview + translation screen side by side, eventually on two browser windows to be able to see what has to be changed and find it quicker…

    • Thanks for your feedback, Thibault! I’ll make a note and share it with the rest of the team.

  4. I want to know how to set up 30,000 Free Automatic Translation Credits for Testing on an existing test site. how can I launch The Register WPML step of the setup wizard?

    • Hi Alex – If the published pages don’t have any translations yet, Translate Everything will add translations automatically. However, it won’t overwrite existing translations. You can still use automatic translation to translate your content, but it just won’t happen instantly in the background.

  5. Hi,

    When front-edit editor finishes first page edit, the video says WPML automatically serves next page to edit/translate.

    Hope this will be for same language (as we have different editors for different languages).

    Looking forward for the release (and will test beta). 🙂

  6. Hi, i have used another translation plugin before and it was slowing down the site.

    I am now using WPML though, it seems as more content is translated my site keeps worsening in slowing down the speed as well.

    My question: does translation with WPML require extra space in severs? (Double the space to store duplicated content).


  7. Hello, I am part of the team that manages, among other things I take care of the translation of content from English to Spanish. I would like to know if once the translation into Spanish is automatically generated (in this case) can I configure to receive an automatic email indicating me to review that translation?

    • Hi Juan – Yes! This feature isn’t in our beta version, but will be included in the production version.

  8. Hi 👋

    First and foremost thank you for making WPML a better, faster and lighter tool every year, it’s
    deeply appreciated 🙂

    We were not sure how to use DEEPL for free in WPML ? We have a premium account with DeepL already so we were not sure why we should pay WPML credits for automatic translation ?

    Could you please let us know if we have missed something in the article ?

    Best Thanks,


    • Hi Anthony – By signing up for an automatic translation account, you can get 2,000 credits for free each month, and you pay for what you use beyond that.

      We don’t offer a way to integrate WPML with your personal DeepL account. WPML’s automatic translation offers additional automatic features (such as translation memory, customizable glossary, etc.) which are included in the pricing. For clients that would like to translate directly with DeepL using their own accounts, we still maintain the feature to export translation jobs as XLIFF files, however it’s much less convenient.

  9. Hello.

    I’m a recent customer. Would it be possible for you to let me know when WPML 4.5 will be production ready? Do you have a release date?
    I have to decide if I use the current version or wait for the easier 4.5.
    But I need to do my translations within a week or 2, max.
    Do I wait, or you can’t be sure of a release date?

    Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Paulo – We do not have a firm release date for the production version yet – only that it will go out later this month.

      • Thanks for your quick reply.

        Just a followup: For a large marketplace, with 60 pages, and a lot of front-end texts from the theme, plugins, menus, widgets, how much time would I save by using 4.5?

        And how much easier is it really?

        Thanks again for your support.

        • Hi Paulo – The new “Translate Everything” mode automatically translates your content in the background any time you publish or edit new content. This means you only have to review the translations to make sure they sound good and natural, rather than translate the content from scratch yourself. You can see how it will work in the video in this post.

          In general, automatic translation saves about 90% of your time when compared to translating content yourself. Because “Translate Everything” takes this one step further by initiating the translation jobs automatically, we imagine it will save even more time and make it easier to keep translations up to date.

          Keep in mind that you will still need to translate shorter texts separately, like strings and menus, as there usually isn’t enough context to provide completely accurate automatic translations.

          • Thanks Allison.

            That is good information.
            I think I’ll start work now on the current versions (also because you currently already have automatic translations) and then upgrade once 4.5 is live.

            Thanks again. Cheers!

    • Hi Joakim – I don’t believe we have any plans for that, but I can pass along your request to the appropriate department.