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WordCamp Indonesia contacted us about doing a session on multilingual WordPress. I’d love to go, but can’t, so we’re looking for someone to help give that session.

If you’re from Indonesia, are a seasoned WordPress developer and using WPML, you can give this session.

It’s a great opportunity to show the Indonesian community that you’re the best address for multilingual sites with WordPress.

What we want to cover is:

  • Why having a multilingual site is good for business
  • How to build a multilingual WordPress site
  • What it means to have several languages in the same site (how it works internally)
  • How to manage translations (WPML 2.0 is built to simplify translation management)
  • How to build multilingual-ready themes

Don’t worry. We’ll help.

We will work with you on the session and even help you practice if you need. We can also help chip in with the expenses of going to the WordCamp (hey, let’s not get greedy).

Interested? You can leave a comment here or contact us privately.

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