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Importing your multilingual content into your WordPress website used to be a daunting process. Now it is no more.

We have created a video guide to show you just how easy it is to migrate content in multiple languages by using WP All Import and WPML.

Within the video, you can find out:

  • How to prepare and separate your CSV files into different languages
  • About creating and translate your new categories
  • How to import your content and ensure each language matches with its translations
  • Information on importing WooCommerce products

If you prefer to follow a written guide you can read our documentation on importing your website with WPML All Import.

3 Responses to “See how easy it is to import multilingual content with WPML and WP All Import”

  1. Thanks for the tutorial.

    Is it possible to just use one import file? For example an xml file with different child elements for each language.

    And also, using the same taxonomy name across languages are common. Can you come up with a neater solution than having to change names before and after the import?

    • Hi Daniel,

      Sure, you can use the same file to import the content in different languages!

      For example, if the second row is the translation of the first row they both need to have the same “Connector ID”. You also need to add a column that identifies the row language. Simply name it “Language”. When importing the content in the default and secondary you can add a filtering option to import only the rows in a specific language. Yet, it is preferred to use two different files for the imports to avoid any confusions.

      I have passed your request about using the same taxonomy names in different languages to the compatibility development team. They will look into it and get back to you.

    • Daniel, importing terms which translation is the same as original should be possible. Just make sure that before the import you switched the wp-admin language to desired one (switched using top bar menu).

      If it is not working for you, please create the ticket at our forum and we will take a look.