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One of the services kékrika offers is the creation of a multilingual website. The Italian companies we work with aim at finding new customers abroad and translating their website is an essential step to achieve this goal.

For a company, having a website means being global, since people from every corner of the world may find them. So translating your website into other languages means increasing your customer base: if they can understand what you’re talking about, it’ll be easier for them to contact you to buy your product or service.

And if you think that one language is enough for your website, take a minute to consider these numbers, taken from two European studies:

  • 4% of consumers would be more likely to buy something if they could get information in their own language;
  • more than half of the interviewed consumers would pay more if you would provide them with information in their own language;
  • 42% of consumers won’t buy a product or service if information about it is not provided in their own language;
  • if the only language on your website is Italian, you can reach 2 countries and 36 million users, i.e. a market worth 1.207 billion dollars. But if you translate it into English, your sales potential grows to 16 trillion dollars. And if you add other five languages – Japanese, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and French – you can access a market worth 17.5 trillion dollars.

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