WPML makes it easy to translate Gravity Forms, using the Gravity Forms Multilingual glue plugin. Gravity Forms Multilingual will show Gravity Forms in WPML's Translation Dashboard. You can select forms and send to translation, just like any other WordPress content. This way, you can manage the forms only in the default language and forms will appear translated, when inserted into translated content. To use Gravity Forms Multilingual, you need to have WPML's Translation Management and String Translation modules activated.

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no translation for content availible (gravity form)

Gestartet von: christophK-33 in: Support in Deutsch

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Elementor String ist weder bei der string Ansicht noch bei der Seitenansicht auffindbar

Gestartet von: christophK-33 in: Support in Deutsch

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Form in english is loading in german for error messages – Gravity Forms

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Gravity forms

Gestartet von: aitorZ in: Soporte en Español

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Zapier is not receiving translated gravity forms fields

Gestartet von: sohaila-2 in: English Support

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Izzi Hassan

gravity form translation not displaying

Gestartet von: thamera-2 in: English Support

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Mihai Apetrei

Existing (non-new) Gravity Forms not appearing in Translation Manager

Gestartet von: Cynthia in: English Support

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Traduction des messages par défaut de WordPress

Gestartet von: cecileB-2 in: Assistance en français
Quick solution available

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Gravityform Checkbox Label not found in string translations

Gestartet von: craigK-2 in: English Support

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Translation Management causes GF conditional fields to stop working

Gestartet von: Kristof in: English Support

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Gravity Forms Multilingual with GravityFlow

Gestartet von: sylvainH in: English Support

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Dražen Duvnjak

Gravity Form Radio Button and ATE

Gestartet von: jasonH-7 in: English Support

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Contact List For WP Job Manager

Gestartet von: Athmane in: English Support

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Andreas W.

Translate gravity form from Greek To English 1 2

Gestartet von: nickP-2 in: English Support
Quick solution available

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Carlos Rojas