String Translation allows you to translate texts that do not belong to any post. You will be able to translate the site's tagline, widget titles, texts in the theme admin, plugins and anything that uses GetText for localization. Related documentation:

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Woocommerce-Checkout form-additional fields-Select items not available translate

Gestartet von: lionelT-7 in: English Support

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String translation not showing up as function

Gestartet von: christiaanR in: English Support

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Raja Mohammed

Translations in this UM Theme

Gestartet von: girtsF in: English Support

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Can't translate some strings

Gestartet von: Ricardo Barrelas in: Suporte em Português

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Marcos Vinicios Barreto

There is a problem with the String Translation table in your site. This problem

Gestartet von: guidoW-5 in: Support in Deutsch

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Traduzione contenuti Footer tema

Gestartet von: gianlucaF-11 in: Supporto in Italiano

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Where to translate "This page is available in:"

Gestartet von: Yuval Bar Hai in: English Support

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Yuval Bar Hai

field labels in checkout not trnaslated

Gestartet von: bW-2 in: English Support

3 6 vor 6 Stunden, 59 Minuten

Marcos Vinicios Barreto

WPML string translator block Elementor header

Gestartet von: deanaZ in: English Support

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PDF Product Vouchers email confirmation always sent in English

Gestartet von: davidF-18 in: English Support

3 6 vor 7 Stunden, 13 Minuten

Carlos Rojas

Translator editor questions 1 2 3

Gestartet von: julianB-16 in: English Support

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Paola Mendiburu

"By" before author on the top of a post with Divi

Gestartet von: josepB-5 in: English Support

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Translations not visible for author bio

Gestartet von: josepB-5 in: English Support

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Cannot locate Learndash Domain Strings

Gestartet von: danP-10 in: English Support

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Paola Mendiburu

I translate a page from English to Vietname, but the page layout changes, why?

Gestartet von: andyC-15 in: English Support

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