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This release gives a big hug to the folks who are using our professional translation service. WPML now allows communicating with translators directly from within the WordPress admin screen.

This includes:

  • Interviewing translators for your site and selecting the ones you prefer.
  • Giving instructions to translators.
  • Answering any questions translators have while they’re translating.
  • Depositing payment for the translation.

If you’re running a multilingual site and can use a professional translator to help, click on ‚Pro translation‘ and check it out.

Bugs fixed in this release

WPML 1.3.5 also includes fixes to numerous bugs reported in the forum. These include stuff like mass editing and other painful errors that escaped us before.

Show your love for WPML

And last, we’ve also added an option for WPML to add a credit link in your site’s footer. It’s optional, and disabled by default. When enabled, WPML will add a message to your footer saying that your site is running multilingual using WPML.

To enable it, go to WPML->Languages and scroll to the bottom. You’ll see this:


Then, WPML will add something like this to your site: