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WPML 1.5.0 included a bunch of new features and with new features came new bugs. This release addresses all reported bugs and puts things back in to place.

Major issues

Fixed broken link to media library

A one-line code bug cause WPML to kill the media library. It’s fixed now and the media library is accessible and usable again.

Fixed custom language selector appearance

When ICL_DONT_LOAD_LANGUAGE_SELECTOR_CSS is defined WPML should not load any CSS for the language selector, leaving the language switcher design up to the theme.

A bug in WPML 1.5.0 caused this not to work if ICL_DONT_LOAD_LANGUAGE_SELECTOR_CSS is defined in functions.php.

Now, if this constant is defined, WPML doesn’t create any default design for the language switcher.

Tested WP 2.9 compatibility

WPML 1.5.1 is fully compatible with WP 2.9 (the current Beta version). We’ll keep testing it against new release candidates and the final WP 2.9 when it comes out. There were no compatibility problems to fix since WPML 1.5.0. The only things we changed were in WPML’s own test code.

Added compatibility package for Headspace2 SEO plugin

Headspace2 (by Urban Giraffe) is a great SEO plugin. It allows controlling titles and meta information per page, increasing your site’s performance with search engines. WPML now includes a compatibility package for it, allowing to run fully multilingual SEO optimized sites.

With this package, folks who use our translation service can send posts and pages to translation and not worry about SEO. All the Headspace2 SEO data is also sent to translation.

Small issues fixed in this release

  • Fixed Ukranian flag
  • Added support for PHP setups without json_decode
  • Fixed bug in the ‚icl_object_id‘ template function (now it either echos or not, depending on a new optional argument)

Thanks to everyone who reported bugs in our forum. This is what makes it possible for WPML to improve!