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Today it’s WCML’s turn to get the WordPress 4.2 update. We just released WooCommerce Multilingual 3.5.5, which includes important updates for the taxonomy changes in WordPress 4.2, security tightening and a few other improvements.

Like for WPML, WooCommerce Multilingual required an update for the new taxonomy logic. Long term, this update is a great thing, simplifying the way WCML and other plugins use taxonomy.

Other updates in WCML 3.5.5:

  • Bug fixed: Custom attributes were disappearing after updating a product in the WooCommerce native product editor.
  • Made the key „woocommerce_cancelled_order_settings“ translatable.
  • Email heading and subject sent after placing an order were not translated when using ‘Complete’ button on orders page.

How to Update

You should receive an automated update for WooCommerce Multilingual to your WordPress dashboard. If you are not seeing it, you can always download the recent version from WCML page on

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