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WPML 4.6.10, String Translation 3.2.10, and WooCommerce Multilingual 5.3.6 bring you full compatibility with WordPress 6.5. These updates also introduce performance enhancements for a faster and more efficient website experience.

WordPress 6.5 is scheduled for release on April 2nd, bringing with it new features and big changes to translations, which might affect some themes and plugins.

Given the dynamic nature of its development and a one-week delay in the release schedule, we recommend waiting a few days before updating to WordPress 6.5.

WPML’s Compatibility with WordPress 6.5 

WordPress 6.5 is set to come with many new features such as a revamped Site Editor, a new font library, better handling of patterns, and more.

These changes impact several WPML functionalities:

  • Language Switcher block typography settings
  • How WPML works with page builders
  • Display of translated “Thank You” pages in WooCommerce
  • The language email notifications about WooCommerce status changes are sent in

To resolve these issues and make sure your site and its visitors fully benefit from the WordPress 6.5 features, we are releasing the following updates:




String Translation


WooCommerce Multilingual


Media Translation

Ready for the Translation Enhancements in WordPress 6.5

In addition to new features, WordPress 6.5 integrates the library from the Performant Translation plugin into its core, optimizing translated sites for speed. This new library handles translation files more efficiently by using .php files instead of .mo files. It also uses less memory and supports loading multiple languages at the same time, making language switching faster.

The latest versions of our WPML plugins are compatible with these improvements, confirmed by extensive testing on all WordPress 6.5 beta versions and release candidates.

This WPML Release Makes Your Sites Faster

WPML 4.6.10 and String Translation 3.2.10 bring significant speed and performance enhancements.

Tests on our own site, which has content translated into many languages, show a 90% faster translation workflow. 

Additionally, String Translation 3.2.10 now loads translated strings 61% quicker than before. This is a significant performance enhancement on its own.

Other Enhancements in WPML 4.6.10

To enhance the security of your multilingual site, WPML 4.6.10 addresses an XSS vulnerability. This update also includes fixes for bugs and regressions, improving stability and the overall translation experience.

For a full list of fixes and improvements, see the changelogs:

Ready to Update?

As with all of our new versions, we are gradually releasing the updates to all WPML plugins.

We recommend waiting for the new WPML versions to reach your site. If you decide to upgrade to WordPress 6.5 before that happens, make sure to manually update WPML plugins before updating WordPress.

We want to hear your thoughts on these updates! Drop us a comment below to share your experiences or ask any questions.