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ACF Multilingual (ACFML) 2.1.0 is here, bringing you the ability to translate labels for custom post types, custom taxonomies, and Options Pages created with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF). 

Multilingual Labels for Custom Post Types and Taxonomies

With ACF, you can organize your website with custom post types and taxonomies in a way that’s clear for you and your visitors.

For example, your ACF-powered site can display the label for a custom post type titled “Books” in your breadcrumb trail. Or, it can categorize books by the „Authors“ custom taxonomy label.

Displaying these labels lets users easily navigate your site and filter or sort content according to their preferences.

ACF Multilingual now allows you to translate labels for custom post types and taxonomies. This not only helps your visitors find exactly what they’re looking for in their own language but also boosts your site’s visibility in search results across different languages.

A translated ACF custom post type label on the front-end

Translate Options Page Labels and Make the Admin Area More Intuitive 

Options pages offer a great way to set up site-wide settings, theme customizations, and more. 

ACFML 2.1.0 makes it possible to translate labels on Options Pages. Translating labels like Page Title, Menu Title, and Description ensures that you and your team can manage the site efficiently in your chosen languages.

Get Started with Translating Custom Post Type, Taxonomy, and Options Pages Labels

To help you hit the ground running, the Multilingual Setup section on the edit screens for custom post types, taxonomies, and Options pages shows you the label translation status.

Label Translation Status in ACF → Post Types

Label Translation Status on the Post Type Edit Screen

To translate the labels, just head over to the Translation Management Dashboard and send them for translation. Yes, it’s that simple!

Sending post type labels for translation from the Translation Management Dashboard

Update to ACFML 2.1.0 Today

Are you ready to make your website more inviting to a worldwide audience? Explore all the features and improvements in the changelog, and update to ACF Multilingual 2.1.0!

We are gradually releasing the update to ACF Multilingual, so if it’s not available to you right away, rest assured – it’s on its way.

We’re excited to hear how you’re putting these new translation features to work – let us know in the comments below!