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If you ever run into any issues, the WPML support team can nearly always help you resolve them faster when we know which theme and plugins you use. It also allows us to contact you and keep you informed about any critical issues or important updates related to the plugins or themes you are using.

How do you get the compatibility and translation information for the theme and plugins that power my site?

WPML comes with a setting that allows you to allow or deny sharing theme and plugin info. If you enable this option, the WPML plugin can send us a report of the plugins and theme that you are using. In turn, this allows us to correctly prioritize compatibility projects based on the popularity of particular plugins and themes across all WPML users.

How do I enable toe setting to send data about my plugins and theme to

There are two places where you can modify the setting to allow or deny WPML to collect your active theme and plugins.

  • WPML Setup Wizard: When installing WPML on a new site, you must complete a wizard to properly set up the initial features. The Support step of this WPML wizard provides this setting.
  • Compatibility settings in the WPML setup wizard
    Compatibility settings in the WPML setup wizard
  • WPML Settings Page: If you WPML has already been registered on your site, you can always find this same setting by navigating to WPMLLanguages, and scrolling down to Reporting to
Reporting to setting
Reporting to setting

How can I make sure my WPML plugins are up to date?

When you share information about which plugins and themes are installed on your sites, you can see at a glance which WPML plugins you have installed and which need to be updated. To view this, log into your WPML account and go to your list of registered sites.

You can see a green check for each WPML plugin that’s installed and up to date on your sites. If you see an orange exclamation point, it means your plugin is out of date.

Viewing WPML plugins installed on your registered sites
Viewing WPML plugins installed on your registered sites

Where can I see a list of themes and plugins that are compatible with WPML?

You can see which themes and plugins are compatible and recommended for multilingual sites by visiting our theme and plugin directories:

Search for your theme or plugins to view relevant documentation and current known issues.