WPML makes it easy to translate Gravity Forms, using the Gravity Forms Multilingual glue plugin. Gravity Forms Multilingual will show Gravity Forms in WPML's Translation Dashboard. You can select forms and send to translation, just like any other WordPress content. This way, you can manage the forms only in the default language and forms will appear translated, when inserted into translated content. To use Gravity Forms Multilingual, you need to have WPML's Translation Management and String Translation modules activated.

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Whan using identical names for gravity forms fields, they arerandomly translated

Gestartet von: bothienB in: English Support

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Split: Funcionalidad save and continue no se traduce tras upgrade

Gestartet von: OscarO-3 in: Soporte en Español

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Translating Gravity Forms notification messages

Gestartet von: Piotr in: English Support

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Funcionalidad save and continue no se traduce tras upgrade 1 2 3

Gestartet von: OscarO-3 in: Soporte en Español

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translate page with contact form (GF, styled in BB Power Pack module)

Gestartet von: Josef Prexl in: English Support

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Andreas W.

Gravity form isn't shown in String Translation 1 2 3

Gestartet von: antonS-31 in: English Support

2 37 vor 1 Tag, 4 Stunden

Andreas W.

String translations don't exist for Gravity Forms 1 2

Gestartet von: chrisS-31 in: English Support

2 20 vor 1 Tag, 7 Stunden

Carlos Rojas

Gravity form is not showing in domain list of string translations

Gestartet von: maverickT in: English Support

3 11 vor 1 Tag, 8 Stunden

Andreas W.

Gravity Forms Product Addon + WooCommerce leads to zero total

Gestartet von: Christopher in: English Support

2 15 vor 2 Tagen, 6 Stunden

Izzi Hassan

fehlende Domain in String Translation nach Update

Gestartet von: Nick Walter in: Support in Deutsch

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Gravity Forms Multilingual – Non traduce correttamente alcune stringhe

Gestartet von: lucaB-29 in: Supporto in Italiano

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Gravity Forms – how to translate currency?

Gestartet von: Martin Pavlicek in: English Support

3 9 vor 2 Tagen, 11 Stunden

Carlos Rojas

Gravity Forms Issue

Gestartet von: jose-luiso in: English Support

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Gravity Forms Multilingual stopped working also after update to 4.3.3

Gestartet von: w.h.K in: English Support

2 9 vor 1 Woche

Bruno Kos

WPML does not sucessfully translate content from Gravity forms

Gestartet von: marcoB-102 in: English Support

2 11 vor 1 Woche, 1 Tag

Andreas W.