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I'm trying to import Qtraslatex setting and post, pages but it takes too long 1 2 3 4

Gestartet von: giorgioB-9 in: English Support

2 65 vor 5 Minuten

Andreas W.

controllo se wpml e' dettato correttamente

Gestartet von: maximilianoD-3 in: Supporto in Italiano

2 2 vor 2 Stunden, 24 Minuten


Impostazione delle lingue per i contenuti multimediali

Gestartet von: enricoB-9 in: Supporto in Italiano

2 2 vor 2 Stunden, 27 Minuten


non riesco a registrare il plugin

Gestartet von: annaD-23 in: Supporto in Italiano

2 2 vor 2 Stunden, 32 Minuten


Migration from polylang to wpml doesn't complete

Gestartet von: souqS in: English Support

2 6 vor 3 Stunden



Gestartet von: marcoB-117 in: Supporto in Italiano

2 2 vor 3 Stunden, 10 Minuten


MAMP Pro & WPML : losing connection

Gestartet von: gijsd in: English Support

2 8 vor 3 Stunden, 31 Minuten


WPML can't run normally. installation or server configuration problem.

Gestartet von: skerdiS in: English Support

2 2 vor 3 Stunden, 38 Minuten


Corrupted/disappeared language

Gestartet von: krzysztofB-4 in: English Support

2 12 vor 3 Stunden, 46 Minuten


Getting errors when I activate the main plugin 1 2

Gestartet von: jasonS-8 in: English Support

2 20 vor 3 Stunden, 59 Minuten

Carlos Rojas

Since update from 4.6.7 to 4.7.2 instruction for bank transfer repeated twice 1 2

Gestartet von: sophieZ-2 in: English Support

2 23 vor 4 Stunden, 3 Minuten

Carlos Rojas

wp_icl_strings doesn't exist

Gestartet von: ivanP-39 in: English Support

2 4 vor 4 Stunden, 11 Minuten


503 Service Unavailable

Gestartet von: vivien-veronikaH in: English Support

2 14 vor 4 Stunden, 22 Minuten

Carlos Rojas

L'aggiornamento di WPML non è stato completato

Gestartet von: enricoB-9 in: Supporto in Italiano

2 2 vor 5 Stunden, 41 Minuten


Plugins disappeared after WPML install

Gestartet von: joelW-5 in: English Support

2 3 vor 7 Stunden, 33 Minuten