WPML includes built-in language switchers, as well as an API for creating your very own language switchers. Related documentation:

If you need help about using the standard language switchers or creating your own language switchers, please tell us what you are trying to achieve, how it should fit into your theme and what you are seeing.

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Andreas W.

wpml language switcher don't switch home page

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When activating sitepress-multilingual-cms 4.3.4 it creates an error

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language switcher/flags not showing on my website please help

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Font size in Menu language switcher

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Banderas duplicadas en japones

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Language switcher issue

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How to reserve and translate url parameter

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how to change the language switcher position

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Issue with Elementor plugin and WPML language 1 2

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Inserire il language switcher in una voce del menu

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Language Switcher not working on Homepage

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Languages Switcher isn't working, redirecting to other pages

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Language select dropdown widget not linking to translated pages 1 2

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Quick solution available

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Carlos Rojas

Flag on top of another

Gestartet von: danielJ-53 in: Suporte em Português

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