In order to run multilingual sites with WooCommerce, you need to have our WooCommerce Multilingual plugin installed. The WooCommerce Multilingual page includes detailed documentation for setting up your multilingual e-commerce site.When you report issues or ask for help, make sure to tell us the versions of everything you are running. This should include:

  • WPML
  • WPML modules that you are using
  • WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce Multilingual

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In the second languages it is not possible to restrict the payment methods. 1 2

Gestartet von: stefanA-12 in: English Support

2 19 vor 22 Minuten



Gestartet von: marcB-72 in: Assistance en français

2 7 vor 44 Minuten


Uncaught Error

Gestartet von: joacimW in: English Support

2 2 vor 46 Minuten

Carlos Rojas

Duplicating products

Gestartet von: hussainB in: English Support

2 4 vor 52 Minuten

Carlos Rojas

All products in the woo-commerce getting 404 error

Gestartet von: rezaK-6 in: English Support

2 5 vor 52 Minuten


Synchronize attributes and update product variations through API?

Gestartet von: sanjaK in: English Support

2 5 vor 1 Stunde, 40 Minuten


Shipping class not showing up in English

Gestartet von: lauraN-2 in: English Support

2 7 vor 1 Stunde, 54 Minuten


Split: WCML Taxonomy synchronization doesn't work / times out

Gestartet von: severinP in: English Support

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WPML doesn't translate all the texts from Finnish to English 1 2

Gestartet von: Nico Härkönen in: English Support

2 18 vor 2 Stunden, 58 Minuten

Nico Härkönen

WC Bookings wrong price in cart

Gestartet von: Martin Lafond in: English Support

2 8 vor 3 Stunden, 29 Minuten


UK product category dont show

Gestartet von: Marco in: English Support

2 7 vor 4 Stunden, 2 Minuten


String "Cost of Goods" not found in WPML

Gestartet von: nuriG in: English Support

2 7 vor 4 Stunden, 10 Minuten

Bruno Kos

Translation of color attribute (woocommerce)

Gestartet von: wojciechT-3 in: English Support

2 6 vor 4 Stunden, 16 Minuten

Izzi Hassan

Sorting products doesnt work in other language

Gestartet von: daveB-3 in: English Support

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In den Warenkorb Button nicht mehr sichtbar

Gestartet von: tobiasL-11 in: Support in Deutsch

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