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September 12, 2019 um 2:38 pm #4561885


Siteground said the following; how can we fix this?

What we also noticed is that there are a lot of rows in the database table eyUol8uvb_icl_string_pages:

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The size of the table is not very large, but the number of rows could be slowing down the loading of some of the pages. This is why, we would strongly advise you to consider optimising the database. From what we found online, this table is related to the wpml-string-translation plugin:

If you are not sure how to proceed with optimising the table, you can consult with the developer of the website or with the developers of the plugin. I would like to clarify before we proceed that we do not specialise in issues related to a particular software, theme or a plugin or with website/database optimisation and fine tuning. We try our best to assist our customers as much as possible, as we understand the complications of hiring a developer. Unfortunately, there are issues which do fall beyond our scope of support and sometimes there isn't any other option, but to contact a professional developer.

Keep in mind that it is a good practice to regularly optimize your WordPress database to ensure all queries towards it are executed as fast as possible. Based on our experience the following plugin will help optimize the database of your WordPress application:

However, the plugin will most probably not optimise the eyUol8uvb_icl_string_pages table. This might have to happen manually.