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Oktober 8, 2018 um 4:55 pm #2796981


There are several WMPL/Woocommerce Plugins active in my WP installation.
All of them require updating. Please hand me some advice about how to properly update those plugins.

Thank you in advance &
Best regards,

Oktober 8, 2018 um 6:38 pm #2797096


Hello Cathy,

usually there should be no issue if the setup is already working. But in case you fear some problems I would do this:

- Update WooCommerce and the WooCommerce plugins first.
- Then disable for a moment the WPML Plugin
- Go to Plugins > Add New > Commercial Tab and update the WPML plugins from there without activating them
- After all are updated you can enable them again one by one, starting with the core WPML plugin, and then the rest (WPML Media, String Translation and Translation Management).

There have been occasionally issues when updateing in a certain order, but this latest version 4.0.7 has no problem of the kind.

The other option is to simply download the latest version to you PC, unzip the zipped files, delete he WPML plugins in the plugin folder in the FPT wp-content/plugins folder and replace the plugins with the new versions. You have to upload the folders with no version numbers.

Kind regards,