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Mai 23, 2018 um 6:29 am #2212807


Ich versuche: Plugin tells me license does not work. When I input the key it does not recognize it as valid, saying "Invalid site key for the current site". I only hve one site, I input the key form my user account at WPML.

URL der/meiner Website, auf der das Problem auftritt:
hidden link

Erwartet hatte ich zu sehen: License Key accepted

Stattdessen bekam ich: "Invalid site key for the current site"

Mai 23, 2018 um 9:24 am #2213783


Hello Aleks,

thanks for contacting and sorry for the troubles.

Some sites have problems when the checkbox to allow WPML to retrieve information about the active theme and plugins is enabled.

Please try to register the sitekey with this checkbox not active.

As the checkbox is enabled by default, you may have overlooked at it.
I have attached a screenshot to illustrate where this checkbox is located.

This will be changed in the upcoming release of WPML.

Another possible cause for this would be an older version of the cURL extension, that needs to be 7.34.0 or later to avoid problems.

Kind regards,

Mai 27, 2018 um 8:50 am #2234514


Thank you, this did the trick