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August 29, 2019 um 4:32 pm #4482747


Dear Sirs,
I have a general question. I see that switch between several languages is also possible by using domains e.g. de.website.biz, en.website.biz, fr.website.biz.
Does this mean that I had to have one wordpress installation with multidomain handling or could I also have several wordpress instances / installations, one for german, one for english, one for france and WPML will store the translation in each wordpress instance?
Thanks for some clarification and kind regards

August 29, 2019 um 5:03 pm #4482867

Andreas W.

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Thank you for contacting the WPML Support Forum.

When using a different domain per language you will use one instance of WordPress which has subfolders for the different domains. Those will need to be configured on server side.

You will be able to translate from your default domain to other domains and you will be able to log into other domains as well. We do have a handy checkbox in the URL settings that helps you to auto-log in and out without need of credentials.



More information here:


Let me know if you need any further assistance.

Kind regards