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Oktober 10, 2018 um 8:23 am #2803391


Hello again,

we have setup a german page and will use WPML for translation. I have set to Classic Translation Editor". Tried to translate first page hidden link into english hidden link. So I lost my custom css and settings in AVADA Options. What would be the better way to translate? How can I repair? Will send questtion to AVADA too ...

Thank you


Oktober 10, 2018 um 12:17 pm #2804194


Hallo Adrian,

thanks for contacting us on this.

I see both pages have a different header design.

To copy the same settings you can update

In Avada you can define the Theme-Options either separately for each language or for all languages the same.

You can check that if you go to the Avada Theme Options and select a language from the top admin bar flag. If you have one language active and define the settings here, it will apply to that language.

If you want this to be equal to all languages, you can select in the top admin bar "All Languages" and the chosen theme-options will then be applied to all languages. This should define the same header design for all translations.

So the first step would be to adjust the theme options for all languages.

The second step would be to go to the page, update the original page and check that the custom fields that controls the layout is set to "copy". Usually this is set by default already.

Then you can update the translation and the same theme-option should be copied to the translated page.

If for any reason it is not, you always can open the translation in manual mode by changing the flag in the top admin bar and correcting the header in the page settings in case this does not inherit the default setting in the theme options.

Avada has a deep integration with WPML and so there is some documentation about this available:


Avada itselft has also some documentation about this:
hidden link
hidden link

Kind regards,

Oktober 10, 2018 um 1:22 pm #2804445


My issue is resolved now. Thank you!