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Februar 11, 2019 um 12:12 pm #3182765


Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to translate the plugin "Mailchimp for WordPress". At the moment the data is available in German, for the English translation I downloaded the mo-files. The strings in English are displayed. I clicked them all afterwards. But I still have the German text in the English menu: hidden link. What do I have to change or click to make it work?

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Februar 12, 2019 um 4:32 am #3186591


Languages: Englisch (English )

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Welcome to WPML Support forum.

We have a documentation on how to translate Mailchimp forms properly:

You need to install/activate WPML Translation Management and MailChimp for WordPress Multilingual plugins. You can download them on your wpml.org account. https://wpml.org/account/downloads/

After sending the form to translation you need to update the value of the placeholder attribute on the form's html code for the secondary language. Please refer to attached image for an example of this.

Does it help? Please let me know.

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