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August 29, 2017 um 6:44 am #1352961

Marco Barenkamp

Hi, is it possible to rename the language switcher elements from "deutsch" to "DE | Deutsch" and "english" to "ENG | English"? And is it possible to set Icons before the language?

August 29, 2017 um 7:52 am #1353027


Hello Marco,

as the language switcher gets the name from the Language name you define, you can change that in WPML > Languages > edit languages.

I made you a screenshot to illustrate this.

You can set icons before the language changing the CSS for the language switcher. There is a field for Additional CSS where you could add your custom code to do this.

To see where you have to put the changes you can use the browser inspector to find the css-selector class that you need to address with your custom code.

You have to consider that the main menu is controlled by the theme stylesheet and you may have to change something there too if you want.

I have made a few screenshots to illustrate.

The CSS field for the WPML switcher just controlles the content of the menu-item, but the menu-item as such is added and inherits all styles from the main theme menu. Therefore each solution for a specific theme is different. Please consider that we cannot make custom code for your theme.

You will find reference information here:
hidden link

Kind regards,


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