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Last updated by Andreas W. Vor 2 Monate.

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Juni 16, 2022 um 2:20 pm #11477575


Saving a category for a translated product fails, if the category in question does not exist in the original language of that product.

We already tried deactivating all other plugins. The problem stops occurring once "WooCommerce Multilingual & Multicurrency" is deactivated and reoccurs when it is reactivated again.

There is no error message. The category simply does not get connected to the product. Once the plugin is deactivated, all works fine (if we're using the standard editor).

We are willing to provide credentials if necessary.

Juni 16, 2022 um 10:53 pm #11480599

Andreas W.

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This is expected behavior, as the translations run in sync with the original content.

When translating products with WooCommerce Multilingual, then the translation shares the same product details and taxonomies as the original product.

Further, taxonomies like categories, tags, and global attributes will be translated at WooCommerce > WooCommerce Multilingual.

When using WooCommerce Multilingual the Products should only be translated with the WPML Translation Editor and you should avoid making manual edits on translated products, as the WPML Translation Editor will not recognize such edits and overwrite them once the content is translated again.

If you need products with different taxonomies or product details in different languages, then you will need to create an independent product per language and avoid using translated products for such cases.

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