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Oktober 9, 2018 um 8:33 am #2798940


I have gotten this message:
Your subscription expires in 22 days. You must renew your subscription to continue to receive updates and support. Extend here.

I have a lifetime license!

Please, can you fix this problem.

Oktober 9, 2018 um 10:02 am #2799328


Hello Gerhard,

Please use also the feedback contact form from inside your client area to contact the admin team about this.

In case you don't find any contact form in your order history, you can use also this form:

Please use it while logged in, so that the details of your account are added to the form. Just in case this has any problem I have escalated this issue to the administration team, because in this technical forum we don't have any access to clients accounts or alike.

Kind regards,

Oktober 9, 2018 um 10:17 am #2799419


Hallo Gerhard,

my colleagues have taken care of this.

Please ignore the mail, as here the problem was that the previous account type you upgraded from had not a correct date for the expiration and therefore it was caught by our email system to alert clients about upcoming expiration accounts.

You do not need to renew or do any action for maintain your current account.

Sorry for the inconveniences and kind regards,

Oktober 14, 2018 um 6:06 am #2815091


My issue is resolved now. Thank you!