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Oktober 5, 2018 um 3:16 pm #2791189



i restored WPML completely since the site has to be copied tomorow. I had to draw back the login also. Anyhow. I think i found the solution to my first problem. I accidentely copied my homesite via wpml and the new site showed no pagebuilder content at all. Now everything is back to zero. My problem is...i have to translate 27 pages made exclusivly from page builder content. No WP textfields used. What do you think is the best way to go? How is the workflow? At first i wanted to use synchronisation and string translation manager. But it produces hundrets of fields wich has to be checked manually. (really!? why no global checkbox???) What is the sence in that. This is so ridiculous. I considered a plugin to autofill the checkboxes. But right now i am going to the direktion to independently translate the pages. But what about additional strings and fields on the site. How do i translate those then? Without editor? Again. What do you think is the best here:

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Oktober 5, 2018 um 3:17 pm #2791191


Hallo Sebastian,

ich habe den Thread jetzt abgespalten.

Wir können gerne auf English weiter kommunizieren, wenn Ihnen das lieber ist.

Ich antwort gleich etwas detaillierter.


Oktober 5, 2018 um 3:45 pm #2791231


Hallo Sebastian,

WPML is not an easy to use plugin and it requires a lot of configuration work to get it to run in complex sites.

So unfortunately it does not always work and translate everything out of the box, if the other components of a site are not compatible or come with translated language files.

To translate pages made with a page builder you need to use WPML > Translation Management and configure the fields for the modules of the page builder to be translatable.

If you use a common page builder you will have most modules showing up in the translation editor if you choose the Classic Translation Editor as translation mode.

If you prefer, you can also duplicate the pages before translating them, so you ensure everything will be configured in the same way.

Then you open the translation and continue to translate just the text fields.

If there is any content missing in the translation mask you can look up the list of custom fields in the metabox for multilingual content at the bottom of your original language page. There you set what you need to translate (text fields, titles) to "translate".

If you prefer to use the native pagebuilder interface you have to choose the manual translation mode in WPML > Settings.

Then you duplicate a page first. After this you can start translating it as an independent translation and edit inside the page builder interface. This allows you to skip modules that don't work in the Translation Editor.

For the content there is an option to use the Advanced Translation Editor, that includes some machine translation with artificial intelligence. But that will help you only with the text and content part of the pages, not with the admin strings.

WPML needs you to manually translate everything that is not included in a theme or plugins included language file. These are the admin strings.

To scan the existing strings you can go to WPML > Themes and Plugins Localization and scan the theme for existing strings. If there are any, they will be loaded to String Translation. Well known Plugins like WooCommerce will be translated that way to over 90%.

The issue is if your theme is compatible with WPML, in that case, the main admin strings will be already ok and you just need to look up the ones that you need in String Translation and translated them directly there.

You will find here all documentation you need for this:


Kind regards,

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