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Juli 20, 2017 um 9:57 am #1323475


I am trying to:
Visit the english translation of my products, the german version does show up. With the english version I only get a blank page.
Link to my site:
hidden link (german)
hidden link (english, blank page)
I expected to see:
The translated product.
Instead, I got:
A blank page

Juli 20, 2017 um 10:10 am #1323495

Mladen Andrejic


## Could you please tell me how did you translate this product?

## Please check if the problem persists when :

- All non WPML Plugins are disabled
- Theme is set to default Twenty Seventeen

## Activate WordPress debug.log and see if there are any errors displayed? Here are the instructions for activating it : https://wpml.org/documentation/support/debugging-wpml/

## You can also check the Chrome built-in JavaScript Console for errors. To open the console go to Menu (Three Bars) > Tools > JavaScript Console

Please paste here any errors that you see in the WordPress debug.log or in JS Console.


Juli 20, 2017 um 12:37 pm #1323637


I solved the issue. It was caused by an untranslated part in WooLayout-Injector Plugin. Is there a way to tell wpml to always use untranslated parts if no translation is there? Because in this case the part that caused the problem even did not have text only layout information.