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Mai 8, 2018 um 5:42 pm #2037527


This is our error after a php update to 5.6 on ubuntu:

WPML could not load configuration files, which your site needs.

The error log shows:

2018-05-08 17:20:069227 index wp_error wpml-config/config-index.json
code: http_request_failed
message: Too many redirects

cURL Version is 7.35; that should be ok.

Memory for WordPress is on 256M

Any idea what causews this error?


Mai 8, 2018 um 6:03 pm #2037827


Sorry, i forgot the error log:

code: http_request_failed
message: Too many redirects

Mai 8, 2018 um 6:03 pm #2037828


Hello Klaus,

sometimes this is a temporary connection issue.

Please ensure that your hosting provider is not blocking the IPs which WPML need to access.

This would be on Amazon Cloud service the initial URL would be:

hidden link and the IP is (as this is an external service the IP can change, we have no control over it ).

The other is to the WPML specific API with the following IP:

Regarding the cURL version suppose you refer to that because of this errata.
It may not apply to all situations where the connection is refused.

There has be a user referring that updating Openssl on the server solved his issue, in case you want to try that.

I will have to ask the second level support for further feedback about this, as I have seen several issues of that kind and I am not sure if there may have been any changes on what we retrieve.

Was the PHP version the only updated element that has triggered this or did you update also any plugins or the WPML version?

Kind regards,

Mai 8, 2018 um 7:28 pm #2039343


Thanks Christina, i did a new install and update to the cms and the string translation plugin. Now we have a new error, but the old is gone: Bei Ihnen läuft das aktualisierte sitepress-multilingual-cms, aber die folgenden Komponenten sind nicht aktualisiert:


Ihre Seite wird in dieser Konfiguration nicht ordnungsgemäß funktionieren Bitte aktualisieren Sie alle Komponenten, die Sie verwenden. Für WPML-Komponenten können Sie Updates von Ihrem WPML.org-Account erhalten oder auomatisch aktualisieren, nachdem Sie Ihr WPML registriert haben.

All components are up to date. So what now?

Mai 9, 2018 um 7:21 am #2044477


Hallo Klaus,

in that case the Installer is not getting the correct information, but usually being temporary issue, updating the information should be enough.

Please follow these steps:

- Clear the cache in WPML > Support > Fehlerbehebungsseite
- Deactivate WPML and WPML Addons and clear the site cache (WP Rocket)
- Reactivate the plugins again

The notice should be gone then.

If that does not help or you are getting another error, click on the Update Button in the installer, as this connects again with the server and checks the information.

Kind regards,

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