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Oktober 2, 2019 um 10:16 am #4679067


Hello, I'm not sure if I need to write english but I'll do it anyway.

Right now I'm developing a website for a customer of mine. I'm developing this website on a subdomain as a staging domain and will migrate it once it's finished to the final live-domain.

Now I've got two questions.

1.) Can I license WPML on the staging domain and use the same license for the live domain once I finished developing?

2.) What happens after the date for the next renewal has passed? Am I just not receiving updates anymore or will WPML stop working completely on the licensed websites?

Thanks for you help in advance.

Best regards
André Weihermüller

Oktober 2, 2019 um 11:25 am #4679667


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Thank you for contacting WPML Support.

1. With this license, WPML allows you to register maximum 3 sites and you can add/remove any site any time but total registered sites should not be more than 3. So, you can deactivate the staging site license anytime and you will have one slot again to register a new site.

If you are frequently moving the database between production, development, and staging, you can avoid re-entering the site-key by setting the site-key in the wp-config.php file. You can see the details here:

2. If you don’t renew your account, you will not receive support service and any WPML version that you already downloaded will continue to work normally in your sites. Nothing will stop working. Please note that a valid account is required to download any WPML version. Without a valid account, you cannot access our downloads section.

You can see FAQ section for more details:

Thank you

Oktober 2, 2019 um 12:01 pm #4680003


My issue is resolved now. Thank you!