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gentle and profesional Angelo
not really helpful AlexC-13
Wasted my days for nothing. Tested my patience. Slow response, no results. Unprofessional. VasilisP-2
He is patient, very knowledgeable, and communicates clearly. Johnsutton
His support / suggestion / reply helps me before. I can trust on his reply / suggestion Clement levet
Please I want set a different menssage for each language for the plugin UECOOKIE, the strings are correctly setted with different message for each language but is not working. The plugin have the same english message for all. Lesterf
Mohammed gave me very clear and helpful support for the last problem. Autumn
any idea to solve this problem with the sitemaps and search console? Lesterf
he was very kind Ericv-3
nothing, I just want a fast reply NikolaiT


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