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I want to talk with andres (https://wpml.org/es/forums/users/andres-c/), because speak in spanish and resolve and issue like mine. Iñigo
He didn't answer my question properly. It seems like a bug yet he insisted that it is normal behavior JaymesP
Soporte en español Clinica-colon15-slN
Nothing such RauhiyaA
Nothing, I just want a support person that doesn't handle 8 other support questions at the moment CameliaF
HE is offline I think. I really need a very fast answer for VERY SMALL QUESTION! KeremY-2
He is not answering and just providing bad copy paste answers from the docs which I've read thousand times. NikoH-2
Nothing bothered me, too many support question currently at him LiubovK
he was not able to think outside the box before, but he did do his best and found a solution after a while. Im sure he can do better with more practice. MuadZ
Raja seems to be very busy now Bar


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Testing ticket creation – Task Day 8

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