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    • Hello Katia,
      you can buy WPML and cancel your subscription any day/week/month after your purchase. You will find the Cancel button in your account.
      You will still have access to our support forum and new updates for the period you’ve paid for (= one year).

      Please note that you an active subscription/renewals are needed for updates and to ask for our help on the forum. You can use WPML plugins even if your subscription gets canceled.

  1. Hi!
    If I buy the Plugin in the CMS-Version and I install it on three sites, my plan is full. That is clear. But if I deinstall it on one of the three sites: Can I install it on another one?

    And: Is there a different level of support between the version „CMS“ and the version „Agency“?

    I expect that there will be the possibility of an upgrade from CMS to Agency at any time. Is that right?
    Thank you!

    • Hello Raphael,
      If you delete one of the urls, you can register a new one, as long as your subscription is active. You can also upgrade to Agency for the difference only. There is no difference in the support you will receive whether you purchase the CMS or Agency subscription.

      Kind regards,

  2. Hi,
    at the moment I do have test URL to set up my page.
    If I use WPML now its registered to this page. But at the end my page will have a complete different url. How can I manage this. Or should I not install WPML before having my final URL ?



  3. Hi,

    my WPML account will expire on January 16th, 2019. That is tomorrow. I want to renew WPML but I forgot my password. Whenever I try to get a new one, I get told, that an email was sent to my email account. But that email never appears!! Can you please help me!

    Thank you!

  4. Hello,

    we want to buy this module for our company.
    due to our policies we have to pay it on invoice, not paypal or credit-card.

    Is this possible?

    Thank you and best regards

    • Hello Christian,
      Do you mean you need a proforma invoice? We do not accept direct wire transfers, only PayPal/debit/credit card. PayPal allows to pay with your bank account directly through their e-cheques. Let me know and I will prepare the proforma invoice for you.

  5. Yea awesome, thanks!

    I just installed it and tried it on the homepage – i use Thrive Architect from Thrive Themes.
    But if i switch to the english version, the site is not styled at all.
    I cant find information about this.
    Can you help me out?

  6. Hello Folks,
    my business is located in Tenerife – Canary islands. Despite we are Part of Spain the the tax is 6,5 % and not like in Spain 21 % and if we by something that is shiped to us with a worth less then 150 EUR it is totaly taxfree. Unfortunately, there is no option to set this. Is there any way to get this configured?

    Thanks, Thomas

  7. Hello Agnes,

    unfortunately I don’t have a VAT number. My business is VAT free (here the tax is called IGIC) because the annual turnover is less than 30.000 EUR. Everything here is handled with the N.I.E. Spanish tax number. Even if we by from, or we get the package (with worth less 150 EUR) taxfree.


    • Hello Thomas,
      thank you. I’m not an expert in VAT and taxes so sorry for confusing you. Our account manager will sort that our for you. Did you use the contact form and contacted us? If not, please do. Your email will go directly to the person who can help you with the issue. Thank you.

  8. Hello!
    Is it possible with the PlugIn to call up a website in different languages with different alphabets, e.g. Englsih („“), Russian („елкск.орг“) and Georgian (წლის.ცია)?
    Thank you for your answer!

  9. Hi
    I own a WPML-Account for life for me as private person. I just wanted to buy the same package for the factory I work for, but couldn’t find it to buy. Is this package no longer available? And what will happen with the „for-life-package“ I already own? I’m a bit confused now. Thx for your feedback.

    • Hello Eric,
      New lifetime subscriptions are no longer for sale. We now offer yearly subscriptions with automatic renewals. The existing lifetime subscriptions in our system remain intact, so your account remains the same.

      Let me know of any further question.

      Kind regards,

  10. Hi

    Ich suche für einen Kunden ein Übersetzungs-Plugin das die Inhalte der Seite übersetzt. Die Inhalte der Seite sind mit dem Advanced Layout Builder des Enfold Themes erstellt. Da man WPML leider nicht in einer kostenlosen Testversion testen kann müsste ich vor dem Kauf wissen ob WPML in der Lage ist Inhalte die mit diesem Pagebuilder (oder generell einem Pagebuilder) zu übersetzen.

    Vielen Dank für eine Antwort.

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