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AI Automatic Translation for WordPress with WPML

WPML’s Automatic Translation lets you translate WordPress sites accurately, quickly and practically for free. Translate automatically the entire site or only parts that you choose.

Dependable AI Translation

WPML produces outstanding automatic translation using AI translation from DeepL, Google, Azure, and our own WordPress-optimized algorithms. Every month WPML clients use our AI translation to create over 200 million words in 93 languages.


Covers All Types of Content

WPML’s automatic translation handles all content for any kind of WordPress site. No matter if you’re creating a complex e-commerce site with product variations and special offers, a corporate site, or a news blog. WPML will produce high-quality automatic translation for the entire site.

SEO Traffic in New Languages

All you need to do is optimize your content in your own language. WPML will translate everything, including SEO meta texts, URLs, navigation (with hreflang tags), and breadcrumbs. Your AI translations will receive traffic from Google without you needing to do anything.

No-Hassle Automatic Translation Process

Choose what content to translate, or simply tell WPML to translate the entire content of your website. Give it a few minutes and review your translation. No need to deal with API keys from Google or DeepL.

How to use WPML’s Automatic Translation

Sending Content to Automatic Translation

To translate with WPML, always start with WPML → Translation Management.

WPML’s Translation Management Dashboard

Choose what you want to translate, scroll down to see an estimated* word count, and choose the Automatic Translation option. For automatic translation to be available, your site needs to have credits assigned or have a pay-as-you-go subscription for automatic translation.

Reviewing Completed Translations

If you’ve chosen to review translations before publishing them, WPML will give you an alert when there are new translations that require your review. You don’t have to review everything yourself. Instead, you can set up reviewers for your site and WPML will let them know when there’s review work waiting for them.

Review queue

Front-end review

Editing a translation

editing translations in the Advanced Translation Editor

The review happens on the site’s front-end. You can make whatever changes you want and then accept the translation.

Translating The Entire Site On Auto-Pilot

When you feel confident about using WPML’s automatic translation, you can skip this process and tell WPML to translate all content automatically to all of your site’s languages. This allows you to create and edit content in your language, while WPML maintains your site’s translations in the background.

Getting Started with WPML’s Automatic Translation

The WPML CMS and Agency accounts come with a generous quota of credits for automatic translation. If you’re building a huge site that needs more automatic translation than our free quota, we offer affordable packages for additional translation credits.

If you’re already a WPML client, go to your Account Profile and make sure that you’ve assigned translation credits to your WordPress site. If you’re not yet a client, visit WPML’s purchase page to get either the Multilingual CMS or Multilingual Agency accounts.

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