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Translating yourself? Save 95% of your time.

Automatic translation achieves the same level as manual translation and save 95% of your time.

Let WPML translate everything automatically. Then, instead of translating from scratch, you’ll only need to make small edits. The result is a great translation, in a fraction of the time it takes you from scratch.

Planning to use machine translation without proofreading?

We recommend that you only use automatic translation without proofreading for simple texts.

The accuracy of automatic translation improves every day. It’s not perfect, but for many texts, automatic translation gives great results. You might be disappointed if you use automatic translation for technical, complex texts. But when you translate short and simple texts, the automatic translation is often perfectly satisfactory.

WPML clients get great results from automatic translation (without needing edits) for things like:

  • Product descriptions and categories in e-commerce sites
  • Listings in directory sites
  • Events

Translating everything manually is too time-consuming when you have a site that displays a lot of short texts. For these tasks you should consider automatic translation. If you ever notice a wrong translation you can edit and improve it.