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October 11, 2021

Setting a monthly payment limit restricts the number of available automatic translation credits so you don’t accidentally go over budget. Likewise, if you have a large site with a lot of content, you can also enable higher payment limits to translate all your content.

How to Set a Monthly Payment Limit

When you first sign up, a payment limit is set at the $17 (100,000 credits) level by default. To change this:

  1. Go to WPMLTranslation Management and click the Automatic Translation tab.
  2. Click Payment & Settings. You can see your current limit indicated on the pricing table.
  3. Click Change your limit and choose the maximum amount you want to spend each month.
  4. After saving, the new limit will be visible on the pricing table and in the tooltip when hovering over your Account credits used
Where to find your new monthly payment limit

How to Enable a Higher Payment Limit

You’ll notice the higher limits are locked for security purposes. If you frequently translate a lot of content and would like to use one of these higher limits, click the Enable button. You will then be prompted to pay for your original limit.

Enabling a higher payment limit

After paying, you will notice two things:

  1. The credits you paid for appear in your automatic translation account as Prepaid credits left. As you translate content, WPML will use the credits you paid for rather than count them towards your next invoice. These credits do not expire.
  2. Your limit increases to the newly unlocked level.
After paying for your 100,000-credit limit, the 100,000 credits are available as prepaid credits, and your limit increases to 500,000 credits

For example, let’s say you have a new account that is set to the $17 default payment limit of 100,000 credits, but your content needs 150,000 credits to translate.

Click the button to enable the 500,000-credit limit and pay $17 for the original 100,000-credit limit. These 100,000 credits are added to your account and will be used first as you continue to translate content.

Because you have now already paid for your first 100,000 credits, your invoice for the month’s usage will only be $12 for the remaining 50,000 credits. In coming months, you can translate up to 500,000 credits ($72) because of your increased payment limit.

Please note you can only unlock one level at a time, so if you want to unlock an even higher limit, please follow this process again.